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When you make your mind up that you wish to go on your first Cruise Vacation, there are a number of things that you ought to work out to help you with your planning.

Who is it that is traveling on this cruise vacation with you? Everybody is welcome on nearly all cruises, if you are going to take children be certain to enquire regarding what entertainment and activities are offered for child’s age.

Financially, you need to make your mind up how much cash you want to spend, and calculate a realistic financial plan for yourself.  Usually, approximately $100 US a day is sufficient, not counting the price of traveling to and from the cruise ship itself. Make sure you know  precisely what is incorporated in your cruise ticket; some extras that used to be thrown in  are currently an extra expense. There are a few different ways to save, like taking advantage of the early bird fares and booking in advance. As well, while it’s risky, for those of you with adaptable schedules, booking last minute can save you a bunch as well.

So, what’s the most affordable way to get to your cruise ship? The most popular ways are by car or plane. A cruise can be a impressive conclusion to a road trip.  Some cruise lines are able to give you a flight and cruise package, which is easier, and less stressful means to plan your trip, plus it usually includes the expensive transfers from the airport to your cruise ship. In addition, most cruise lines usually take care of your baggage, which means they can transfer it directly to your cabin.

The next big decision for you is to decide what time it is that you wish to travel.  Timing wise, if you are planning on only spending a week on vacation, you are limited to the sunny areas, such as Mexico, most of the Caribbean, or the Bahamas. If you are going without family and have a flexible schedule, the fall and spring are usually the cheapest times.  In the more tropical regions, the temperature does not vary too much, but what does change is the amount of rain. Remember that most places have their rainy season in the winter, and the dry period is the summer.

When choosing where to cruise to, a good starting point is determining what kind of things you wish to do, since each destination comes with a definite ambience. There are always a lot water sports offered on the ships, including snorkelling and pool activities and more energetic things such as scuba diving.  Port calls often take you to the “tourist” sites, such as museums and ruins. If you decide to venture off on your own, be careful of ‘friends’ that will willingly show you the so called good shops to shop in, because they are working off of commission with those stores. Normally a polite no thank you is good enough.  The cruise line will give you a list of activities for the port stops that are offered. There are restricted availability for some of the tours, so book in advance if it’s something you especially want to do.

If you are anxious regarding your first cruise vacation, an excellent thing to do is make sure you obtain a cabin you are going to be comfortable in for your cruise, because it is going to be your home for the length of your holiday. If small areas trouble you, a cabin with a balcony may be better for you.

The last question most people have is food related. You get to choose your dinnertime yourself, either an early seating, which is usually around 6, or a late seating, around 8pm, or an open option, where you are given a timeframe of a few hours.  There are benefits to all of them.

If you think about all of these things prior to booking your first cruise vacation, you will have a pleasurable experience.


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