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This is the first question Have you ever travelled first class? If you have not tried it yet then you must, it is definetly the way forward in terms of helping to support your own back. I was not aware until recently but when ever you travel first class you can have the exclusive option to pump up the lower base of your chair in order to aid support for your back. It is a great idea and it will maximise the comfort value for your flight and if you have back problems like me then this will be excellent for you.

I have had back problems for many years and have quite regularly suffered with a lower back condition named, absenteeism which is a very rare problem. I have never had to go to the doctors because of my bad back but I have always made sure that my office chairs and lumbar support is good so it won’t hurt me. The use of what is known as ergonomic office chairs in a workplace or on a plane can help reduce the occurrence of lower back pain, which is the single biggest cause of absenteeism in employees from around the globe. There are loads of different styles available for people if you have related back problems and there are plenty of outlets on the net to help you out.

One of the best places to fly is Virgin Atlantic as they cater for peoples back problems in excellent fashion by having a small button on your chair that controls the lumbar support. You can adjust it to suit you best which is a great help. So, I would recommend them in future if you were considering flying anywhere in the world as the service from Virgin Atlantic is excellent and much better than anyone else’s that I know of.


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