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It can be very confusing to both find and book car parking space at the UK’s second busiest airport. Where can you go to get accurate parking price information? Do you need to leave your car in long term or short term parking? What are the key differences between the various car parks? These are the questions that I hope to answer in this brief article.

You may not be aware that Gatwick is the UK’s second busiest airport and the sixth busiest in the world. Gatwick provides extensive parking facilities to support the 32 million passengers who use the airport each year.

When dropping people off or picking people up at the airport short term parking is what you need. This is also adequate for most short duration journeys. Multi-storey short term parking is available at both the North and South terminals.

You are warned not to leave your car unattended, even for a short time, in the forecourt areas outside the airport passenger terminals. If you do your car will be removed by the police and you will have to pay a release fee to get it back. If you need to leave your car unattended you should always park in the car parks provided.

If your trip lasts more than just a few days then Gatwick long term parking is recommended. There are so many options to consider when booking airport parking at Gatwick it can be a little confusing.

It is worthwhile looking at the details of the various long stay car parks servicing Gatwick airport to make certain they meet your requirements. Most provide security with fencing, security cameras and patrols. Some outstanding car parks have the ‘park mark’ safer parking award. All provide free bus transfer between the car park and the airport terminal, but it is worthwhile checking the frequency of the bus service and how long it takes to transfer.

Meet and greet parking is what you need if bus transfers are too much hassle or if you want to save a little time. All you need do is drive directly to your airport terminal where the pre-arranged chauffeur will meet you. They will whisk your car away and park it on your behalf in one of the secure airport car parks. When you return your car will have been retrieved from the car park by the chauffeur and be ready and waiting for you outside the airport terminal.

The benefits provided by meet and greet parking are that you don’t need to arrive at the airport very early as you don’t need to take a transfer bus from the car park and you will be on your way home as soon as you leave the airport terminal. You can even get your car cleaned by the valet service ready for your return.

To get the best Gatwick parking rate it is essential that you book in advance. Booking your car parking space well in advance will usually give you the best deal. The best way to check on prices and availability is to use an online price checking and comparison facility such as the one provided by This excellent website not only provides accurate and up to date parking prices and availability information it also provides honest and impartial customer reviews of various airport facilities, including airport hotels.


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