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The flight time from Manchester to Cape Town will depend on the particular airline. This means that there is no fixed time that you will find but you can get an idea by looking at individual flights. Secondly time can be defined in two ways, that is, the time spent on air from Manchester to Cape Town and the overall time for the journey including stops or transfer time.

Having explained the time concepts involved lets look at the flight times of the top Airlines.

The British Airways offers the shortest time to Cape Town from Manchester. The time that is spent on air travel is 12 hours and 35 minutes. The time to switch in between the flights is 1 hour and 30 minutes making the total time for the trip to be 14 hours and 05 minutes.

The South African Airways journey is slightly longer than the British Airways one by about 05 minutes giving it a total of 14 hours and 10 minutes. Time spend on air is twelve hours and fifty five minutes (12h55) and transfer time is one hour fifteen minutes (1h15).

The third shortest flight time, Manchester to Cape Town is with Virgin Atlantic. The flight only has one stop over in London from where it heads straight to Cape Town. The time spent on air is thirteen hours (13h0m). The transfer time is two hours and 40 minutes (2h40m), which makes the overall journey to be fifteen hours and forty minutes (15h40).

Lufthansa Airlines takes about sixteen hours overall, Emirates nearly 20 hours overall flight time, Manchester to Cape Town and Air France about eighteen hours.

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