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When it comes to romance nothing is better than a private weekend getaway, and for a gay couple who chooses an alternative lifestyle a gay b&b may be just the option that you are looking for.

All couples love to take a weekend where they can focus on their relationship. Gay couples have the same hectic lifestyles as everyone else, and there are many places that they can go where they can feel welcome.

Choices around the world:

Every corner of the world has a place where a couple in love can spend a week or just a weekend. They all offer fabulous accommodations with the best of amenities. The only hard part is choosing one.

Hawaii getaway: This amazing island paradise is very welcoming to any couple and has several gay b&b spots to choose from. There are even places to stay that are entirely clothing optional should you both have a more adventurous side.

You can spend the entire day on the beach working on your tan, or better yet you can take in some scuba diving along the coastline. After a long day in the hot tropical sun you can cool off in a luxurious air conditioned room. There is no better way to spend time with the person that you love.

Sunny gay Australia: For that island paradise that is a bit farther away you and the one you love should try Australia. There is a huge gay friendly community where the gay b&b options are limitless and the rooms are fabulous.

Each place offers a luxurious room and private bath where the two of you can rekindle that old flame. The days are filled with sunlight and the nights are filled with fun so there will never be a dull moment for the two of you no matter which place you choose.

Classic Vermont: This place will take you back to those days when you could spend time in front of the fireplace while sipping warm hot chocolate. There are many gay b&b spots for your pleasure and each morning you will be greeted by a stack of pancakes and fresh maple syrup.

The gay b&b options are endless, and with all the choices you can stay in a different one during each vacation. It is likely you will never want to go back home.


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