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Asia is a continent of vibrant cities, historic buildings, hill villages, temples, mountains and waterfalls. It is a beautiful and thrilling place to go and a good Asia travel book is recommended. The Lonely Planet Shoestring Guide series comprises Southeast Asia on a Shoestring. Countries enclosed include Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The newest book is a revised edition from March 2008. This part of the world is a very common destination with young backpackers from the US, UK and Australia and this is the perfect budget travel companion. Going to a strange continent, especially for the first time, can be a daunting prospect. There is a wide variety to select from, and several from well established publishers in the travel field. It can be a great culture shock for many people and it’s a good plan to have a companion guide for company. Most people embrace the sights, sounds and food and want to go back for more.

The Rough Guide to First-Time Asia claims that “everything you need to know before you go is here”. Twenty-one different countries are discussed and there is lots of suggestion on going there on a budget, health issues and careful planning if travelling alone. This travel guide to Asia has information on accommodation, eating places, what to take, and transport. The culture of the area is also explored and insurance and visa needs are explained. The Asia Book is in the Lonely Planet Pictorial sequence and is a coffee table hardback. The beauty of the area is captured in color photographs and there is detailed information on all country. Articles present the terrain, culture, religion and the hippie trail from the 1960s. The Asia travel guide contains useful maps and journey suggestions.

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos and the Greater Mekong is a Lonely Planet Multi Country Guide, which takes the reader on an exhilarating journey down the Mekong River. This Asia travel book also covers Thailand. Maps display border crossings and ancient landmarks. There is also a part on which borders are open. The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia comprises nine countries with Hong Kong and Macau. Advice is given on moving around the region and on borders, ferry crossings and local flight details. There are also lists on the top places to stay and restaurants and bars. There are detailed maps and plans to cover all region with hotels and restaurants highlighted.

There are color photographs, information on where to live and charts for climate and distance between towns. In addition to the general map of Southeast Asia, there are detailed town plans of major centers, such as Mandalay, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore City, and Ho Chi Minh City. Southeast Asia (Globetrotter Travel Map) is designed to aid first time tourists to the region. Other plans cover Bali, Penang and Phuket Town, all with places of interest and key attractions shown on the maps. There is also a section on which borders are open. Find more information about holiday packages.


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