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Oh you KNOW you want one don’t you; a Cape Town holiday offering carefree days and sparkling nights with lots of things to see and do. Family and friends keep telling you to rest, so what’s better than flying over to Cape Town for a restful holiday.

Sit back in your chair at the computer right now and close your eyes. Just try to think about some lovely beach, filled with clear water lapping at your feet, sun burning down on you and knowing you are free. Now think about that new bathing suit you would splurge on to wear on that Cape Town holiday. Now you with me? Thought so 🙂

Just think how cool it would be strolling beside the sea, feeling the gorgeous heat on your skin, fresh sea air and waves crashing on the shores. Now, I don’t know about you, but I just love it! Doesn’t that beat the heck right out of weather to minus 51 degrees with wind chills so brittle that nothing starts for days on end? I appreciate you are reading this thinking maybe I’m going a little over the town and maybe, just maybe, I’m in love with Cape Town. I guess your right lol and I just need myself a holiday. Your holiday to Cape Town has to include sight seeing, kite surfing, shopping, relaxing on the terrace of your rental accommodations and sampling the delicious local cuisine. You have to make it a point to search for sea shells on the beach, after all they tell stories about their ocean journeys to those who would listen.

Holidays to Cape Town are a real fantasy which you dream of. They’re magic in your eyes and in your heart. I just love the freedom, the adventure and time alone where you can just explore this fantastic place and learn all about the interesting culture taking place. There is never a dull moment to be had on a Cape Town holiday.

Holidays in Cape Town

As I’m sure you are, I do constantly think back to when I was younger and all the missed opportunities I haven’t taken. It’s this pain that is now driving me forward to make the most of traveling and seeing what I can with people I love. Friends, family and travel experiencing new adventures with them. Well, I feel a place like Africa, Cape Town in particular offers all these potential options and more. There is something so magical being able to spend your time with loved ones and seeing things you can all talk about in years to come.

Ok, enough of my rambling…I’m off to book another holiday to Morocco or Cape Town. I haven’t decided yet, only that I need the freedom these places offer me! It won’t be long before you will be on those Cape Town beaches enjoying the bright, sunny weather. I know this may upset some people who never do anything with their lives, but the truth is, this is living!

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