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Friday night fever!

No, it is not a new rip off or sequel to the famous musical and movie. Nor does it have anything to with lying in bed while shivering and sweating at the same time on a Friday night. This is actually a very interesting and fun way to discover the city Paris, it is a skate tour at night!

Pari Roller organises the 30 kilometers skate tour through the city every Friday, providing that it not raining or that the streets are wet for another reason. It started with a small group doing these tours but has now grown to around 5,000 participants and volunteers. Not only locals buckle up their buckles and join in this tour but I have seen several website from all over Europe that organise tours to Paris to participate in the Friday night fever.

What a great sight to see such a big group go by at night, and what a sneaky grin you get on your face when someone in the front decides to test how comfortable the ground is causing a huge group having to either awkwardly swirl around or land of top of the unfortunate person. But not to worry, if you do fall down and hurt yourself one of the two ambulances following the procession will be with you within seconds to provide medical aid.

Next to the ambulances there is another type of security following the group. A total of 30 police officers on motors, motor-scooters and skates joins the group to open the roads and provide protection. If that does not make you feel like a royal, what does?

The tour starts at place Raoul Dautry between the Montparnasse office tower and the Paris-Montparnasse train station, very easy to reach from your paris apartments in the 14th district.

So book your paris holiday apartments, pack up your skates and pray to god that it does not start to rain!


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    sounds awesome

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