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Walking into an historic hotel is like cracking open vintage folklore. If you’ve ever seen a svelte tip pen drawing – all by hand and from memory – as time, place, and setting once were. If you’ve ever read the dialogue of a time gone by, while mingling with the thoughts in your mind; you will begin to understand what it means to become enveloped in the preserved landscape and structures of the American southwest. A historic hotel brings to life all of the facts, figures, and legacies of generations past. These century old buildings still possess the integrity of their original architecture, dcor, and whimsy to carry your day tours and landmark visits into your hotel room each night. All of these structures are nestled in the landscapes of great conflict, triumph, decision, and connection throughout American history.

Courtesy of texasmountaintrail.com you will find information and links to several of the oldest and operational historic hotels surrounding the mountainous areas of the beautiful states of Texas and New Mexico. You can begin with the Indian Lodge near the site of Fort Davis base where the Historic Veranda Inn is also nearby. But, you can’t forget about a place like the Cibolo Creek Ranch located in Shafter, Texas near to the town of Marfa. According to cibolocreekranch.com, it continues to offer not only the picturesque landscape views from a spa retreat setting, it also offers sport in the form of unforgettable rafting and hunting alongside historic tours and events. Next, you may find your way to plenty of art and culture festivals in El Paso, Texas. If you have the opportunity to experience El Paso life you will discover the rich archeology and history of this city and surrounding area.

Or, you can take a day tour among Santa Fe, New Mexico’s historic buildings from the preserved architecture of the shops to The Palace of the Governors. The landscape combines with the heritage of the city as the surrounding Sangre de Cristo and Rocky Mountains juxtapose the memorabilia and antiques abundant when you get back to The Bishop’s Lodge Ranch under the southwestern sky each night. All of these historic hotels and landmarks are surrounded by the natural beauty of National Parks, and nationally recognized historic preserved and restored sites, homes and buildings, as well as several city and region oriented museums, to visit each day of your stay.

The things that make historic hotels so special from the start is what they offer in authenticity. These hotels were built in 1857, 1888, and 1912, to date a few. Unites States history is celebrated throughout the nation in little and big towns such as Marfa, El Paso and Fort Davis, Texas where battles were fought, some won some lost, and landmarks stand unfettered in remembrance. The distinct history of all of the area’s influences including: Mexican, Native American, and Spanish cultures that still touch these lands, structures, and events to this day.

The cities and preservation of its meaningful hotels create the unique fervor of the local or tourists’ experience of retreating into this nation’s history. A told story can be a special experience for a history enthusiast, but to stand where soldiers, natives, and families once stood; to hear their stories as you create your own establishes a powerful memory.


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