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Recently I had to give my daughter some words of wisdom. She had written a note to someone which was a little uncomplimentary. She of course said that it had been in retaliation for unpleasantness shown towards her. I assume that this a normal problem in schools, and with kids of her age. I told her that she need to be more careful when she left pieces of paper lying around the classroom. It jogged my memory and reminded me of something that happened a couple of years ago.

I was en route from Gatwick Airport to the Red Sea Riviera, on the bankrupt Excel Airways. I had been saving for years for this holiday in Egypt, and had promised the family that it would happen one day. I had a good idea in my mind where I wanted to stay, but allowed my daughter to find details on luxury holidays in the region of Hurghada.

Here we were relaxed and expectant on our flight to a holiday of a lifetime in Hurghada. I had begun a good conversation with someone sitting nearby on the aircraft. He had been a regular traveller to Egypt and had once been employed for a company operating Nile cruise, when he was in his twenties. He lent me a travel guide, which seemed packed with all the best hotels and sites to visit. I noticed that our chosen hotel, the Iberotel Aquamarine, was among those featured in a section on luxury hotels. This gave me a feeling of satisfaction that we had chosen well, and were likely to have great time.

Forgive the digression from the main story. The captain told us that a note claimed that a bomb was on board the aircraft. The flight was diverted to an Italian airport, where we had to stay in an hotel for three days! Mercifully it was a hoax, but it made me think of the nasty note my daughter had left in her classroom.


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