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No matter where you plan to travel, there are security checks in nearly all airports around the world now.  Many people do not fly very often, and so frequently are not ready for the security check process.  If you want to get through security like the frequent flyers do, there are a few tricks that will make it easier for you and your fellow passengers.  Think beforehand, so you’re not just getting started when you get to the front of the line.

Empty your pockets of loose change.  Wallets and cell phones should go into one of those little trays that are provided.  Remember heavy watches, bracelets, and belt buckles can set of the alarm. Take those off and place them in your carry-on bag before you get to the front of the line or place them in the trays.

Consolidate books and snacks so you won’t have as many things to gather back together after you’ve made it through the line.

In the United States, you have remove your shoes.  Slip-on shoes will come off and go on faster.  Shoes with zippers and laces will slow you down…but have your shoes untied or unzipped before you get to the front of the line.  (Take care when you put them back on that you don’t trip on your laces before you’re put back together!)

Have your one quart/one liter plastic bag with your liquids, creams and gels out of your carry-on, and put it in a bin.  Remember each liquid should be 3 ounces/100 ml or less, right?  There shouldn’t be any loose liquids in your carry-on bag.  In most countries, if you have “medically necessary” liquids or baby food, , those can exceed your plastic bag allowance, but you must notify a screening officer.

Have a system when you put things into bins on the screening belt.  If you put things in an organized way, you’ll be able to put yourself back together faster afterward.  Here’s a good way to do this.

Put you shoes, coat and your carry-on “personal item” (usually your smaller bag) in the first bin.   They will come through the x-ray first, so you can put them back on while you’re waiting for your other items to be screened.

If you have a computer, put your laptop case in the bin before your computer, then when your computer comes through, you’ll have the laptop bag ready to slip the computer right into it.

If it’s going to take you a long time to put your shoes back on, collect all of your belongings and move to the side so the line doesn’t get jammed up.  There are usually a few chairs against a wall nearby where you can sit down and put yourself back together.  

You will irritate the other passengers AND the screening agents if you stand there and put your shoes on…. leaving your bin on the screening belt while others back up behind yours.  Airports report that about half of all security checkpoint bottlenecks are caused by people putting themselves together after screening without moving to the side…. don’t be that inconsiderate person!

You’re going to read this, and the next time you travel, you’re going to go through that security checkpoint with a plan… and they’ll think you’re an expert traveler no matter whether you are a frequent flyer or not.  Plan your trip through the security checks as completely as you plan your vacation.


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