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Already a famous location due to its portrayal in various famous paintings, The Antico Café Della Pace is still a favored meeting point for famous artists. Amazingly, artists have been gathering at this location for over a century, where both discussions and disputes take place over literature and the arts.

Artists such as painters, carvers, musicians, writers and fashion makers all gather at this location to share artistic ideas and initiatives. Apart from artists, you can also spot antique collectors, politicians and trendsetters at this location in Rome. Interestingly, new ideas and inventions continue to occur at the Café Della Pace which is often also referred to as a bar.

These artistic ideas and discussions come to life due to the participation of the artists who visit the Café. Artists that visit the Café also come from all over the world, but not only the rich and famous visit this location, as recently more and more Roman school painters are becoming regular guests at the Café. Artists such as poets, comedians and filmmakers as well as many other art personalities are no strangers to The Antico Café Della Pace.

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Besides being a famous and known meeting point for artists around the world, The Antico Café Della Pace is also an outstanding area if you plan to be seen and show off any item that you might possess.

You can visit The Antico Café year round but it is highly advisable to visit the Café on warm summer evenings. The Café is also visited a lot during the winter as it becomes extremely cozy but regardless of the season, The Antico Café is always pretty pricey. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you think where the Café is situated, near the Piazza Navona area. Just keep in mind that your bill is accompanied by much more than just a price, you get to view and experience an environment that is completely unique in the world.


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