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In this age of high travel costs people are constantly in search of dirt cheap airfare.  Business and vacation travelers try to save money.  Here are some ideas to cut travel costs.

dirt cheap airfare

Airlines now charge travelers for almost everything.  For example, some airlines began charging for a second checked in bag.  Many charge for even one piece of checked luggage.  Many instituted extra charges for window and isle seats.  This made it ever more important to find a dirt cheap airfare in the first place.  People need to save money in some way.

The day of the dirt cheap airfare is not ended.  Airlines kept charging these extra fees after fuel prices fell.  Companies rarely roll back prices once new fees are instituted.  That’s a simple fact of life.

The reasons for the extra fees are known.  The dirt cheap airfare can be obtained.  Where can we find it?  The Internet is there to help.  There are many travel sites where flights from many different airlines can be searched and compared.  The result will often turn out to be an excellent deal.

dirt cheap airline tickets

A dirt cheap airfare could be found on the airlines’ own websites.  They often include specials they don’t post to third party sites.  So don’t limit the search to the travel sites.  Sign up to receive emails for specials.

Many people make the mistake of only flying with one airline.  They think that’s the way to a dirt cheap airfare.  It isn’t the case.  Rewards programs don’t make up for missing out on lower fares over 90% of the time.  It can be fun to walk onto the plane ahead of all the other passengers.  For those who enjoy that, stick with only one.

Dirt cheap airfare won’t be found through an auction web site.  A vast majority of people who use them end up paying more than the fare they would receive simply by booking through the airline directly.

dirt cheap airfares

So get out there and find a dirt cheap airfare.



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