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Nestling in the cool expanse of the Mediterranean Sea and snugly located at the far western tip of Asia with Syria and Turkey on the Asian continent and the nearest European neighbor being Greece, Cyprus has been the wonder country of millions of tourists and holiday makers from all over the world. Which brings us to the most intriguing query – does Cyprus have the capability to fly in hordes of tourists all round the year from over the world? The truth is that if one would be astonished at the number of flights that this country accommodates on a daily basis. Some of the facts are that it handles 13 international flights from around the world and 25 local and nearby flights from close by destinations such as Europe and Asia.

Cyprus airlines directory gives all information of the flights that operate from Cyprus. The importance of this directory is to give as much information as possible on all flights that operate within the country and also about international flights. Since Cyprus is a fair weather country during most part of the year, the 3 airports of Cyprus are busy humming with flights operating in and out of Cyprus. The good thing is that one can contact the airlines directly by using contact details found in the Cyprus airlines directory.

Any tourist in a foreign country would need all the necessary information available to them so that their stay in that country would be good. This would be the same for a tourist in Cyprus and here also, they provide more information on the tourism industry. The first timers would be certainly advised to have information available to them from Cyprus airlines.

Scheduled flights to Cyprus are expensive most of the times because of the all round influx of tourist traffic to the island, but at times there are cheap flights available. Chartered flights to Cyprus rarely go vacant since they are block booked but last minute cancellations and no shows do occur and the tickets are sold at very cheap prices. The challenge that arises as a result is sticking strictly to the parent charter travel plans which don’t allow for flexibility in case a tourist would like to remain a bit longer. Airlines that make up the Cyprus airlines group include most of the airlines located in Cyprus and the chartered flights with operate in Asia, Africa, Russia and Central Europe. They sometimes provide information of vacant seats but those who want to risk such uncertain journeys are encouraged to buy tickets.


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