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There is nothing more exciting than a cruise to Alaska and Alaskan cruise prices being what they are now, there is no time like the present to book a cruise package. With the current economy, now is a great time to make purchases of almost any type. Many high ticket items, such as, homes, card and travel packages are priced lower than ever before. Prices will not gat any lower that they are now for travel packages.

When people mention the word cruise, most people picture a tropical beach setting, but there are many cruises that go to places other than the tropics. An Alaskan cruise can be exactly what you need, if you are looking for the cruise of a lifetime. Alaskan cruises prices are more reasonable now than ever before. Seattle and Vancouver are the normal starting points for Alaskan cruises. One way cruises are also available.

One of several stops on many Alaskan cruises is Skagway, Alaska. This town is beautiful and offers a wealth of places to see and activities to entertain you. Bound for the Dawson Gold Fields, in 1897 gold stampeders from all over the world arrived in Skagway by steamship. It wasn’t long before the rough-and-tumble tent town was festooned with boardwalks, dance halls, inns, and saloons.

More than 100 years later, Skagway still retains the feel of those Gold Rush days, though most travelers now arrive by cruise ship. The immensely walkable and historic downtown has largely been restored to its roots, complete with false-fronted buildings and wooden sidewalks. Although a tad precious, it is an utterly charming place.

The is no shortage of places to shop and eat and there is also access to the internet in Skagway. You can also ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad and there is also the historic walking tour of Skagway. If you enjoy history, you will wnat to visit the Corrington Museum of Alaskan History. Dog sledding and glacier flightseeing are all part of this town’s attractions, as well as Gold panning at Liarsville Gold Rush Trail Camp.

If you just want to relax, golfing and bike riding could be on the agenda. Alaskan cruise prices are at the point now that this dream vacation can be affordable to many people. If you are looking for a vacation to remember that is not like anything you have done before, check out one of the many Alaskan cruises that are available today.


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