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With all that New England offers, it says something that Cape Cod remains one of it’s most desirable destinations for tourists.

Things To Do On Cape Cod

Travelers come from all over the globe to visit Cape Cod.

A little bit of something for everyone, from children, to parents and couples, there’s plenty to keep everyone happy.

Perhaps a lesser known Cape Cod activity is the great shopping and antique hunting here.

Antique hunters won’t run out of places to rummage through precious collectibles, as shops and dealers are all throughout the Cape. Savvy collectors from around the world have found Cape Cod to be a bedlam for exciting antique discoveries.

The Heart of Cape Cod Collectibles

One of the more popular antique dealers on the Cape is called The Antiques Center of Cape Cod.

There’s reason for the hype and heavy traffic, as this hotspot sports over 250 antique dealers and an impressive array of collectible imports from overseas.

The Center, which can be found in Dennis, MA, dates back to 1991, and has brought in much business to the Cape and made a splash in the antique industry.

Tourists love the Center’s outlet feel. Dealers are spread out amongst the two large levels, so there’s always a find in the waiting.

The Center is rich in ephemera, art, glass, and fine antiques, to name just a few of the types of collectibles available.

Trust me.

So it goes with out saying that you can plan on spending more than just a single day, if you’re on an antiques excursion.

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