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When it comes to planning a cruise vacation, one of the hardest choices may be selecting the destinations you would like to visit. This is especially true in the Caribbean, where the number of islands and itineraries are nearly endless. Many believe that a southern Caribbean cruise is the best Caribbean cruise, because it offers a plethora of options in destinations and activities. Many travelers like a southern Caribbean cruise because of the more exotic locations, while others choose it because they can enjoy a longer cruise to their many destinations. If you are in a quandary about which cruise itinerary to choose, read on for reasons why a southern Caribbean cruise might be the solution.

Embarkation Ports
A southern Caribbean cruising can set sail from a number of ports around the United States, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and even Virginia. However, these cruise itineraries are usually much longer, ranging from ten to fourteen days in many cases. There are also seven-day itineraries for a southern Caribbean cruise that sets sail from Florida if travelers prefer that path. Many cruisers may opt for Puerto Rico as an embarkation port as well, with plenty of flights in and out of the country and a large cruise terminal with lovely hotels nearby.

Travel Times
Just about any time of year is the right time to travel to the Caribbean, but the time period between October and April is usually the most popular for a southern Caribbean cruise. This allows travelers to avoid the extreme heat and humidity of the summer months, and keeps them out of the bulk of the hurricane season, which is June through November. While cruise lines will sail during the hurricane months, often for a discounted fare, there is always the chance that schedules may be disrupted in the event of a storm.

This is the best part of a southern Caribbean cruise. Destinations abound for these itineraries, from the breathtaking beaches of Aruba to the superb golf courses of Martinique. Since many cruise lines offering southern Caribbean cruises want to bring back repeat business, the destinations will change from time to time. If you are considering a southern Caribbean cruise, it is best to check the websites or call the cruise lines you are interested in to find out what their updated itineraries are.

A southern Caribbean cruise is a lovely way to enjoy a tropical vacation any time of the year. Call your travel agent or cruise line to book your southern Caribbean cruise today.


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