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Traveling through plane nowadays is so expensive especially if you’re in a group. Plane fares go up due to different factors, such as economic conditions or the distance of your vacation destination. With the coming of Easyjet and Ryanair airlines and many others, traveling to different places such as Barcelona is affordable and cheap. You just have to search for it. Barcelona is a famous tourist destination and its success is due to the low cost flights that are being offered. The low cost of living in Barcelona attracts tourists in visiting the place. Search for Easyjet’s routes-Luton to Barcelona. The 1992 Olympics added to the growth of the city’s infrastructure and modernization. In 1995 Easyjet was founded in Europe and 166 planes has destinations to 20 locations in Europe. The airline transported 44.There are 5 people in 2008. On the other hand, Ryanair was born in 1985 and it was re-modeled after the Southwest Airlines in 1991. Regional flights are rescheduled that’s why Ryanair was able to lessen its overhead costs in 1995. During its 10th anniversary, Ryanair carried 2.25 m passengers. Nowadays, discount flightscan be found easily by using the internet. You can find cheap flights online and make a booking. Online booking can reduce flight costs because it eliminates unnecessary expenses brought by the commission from travel agents because you can book directly with these airlines. Travelling very early or late during midweek can allow to avail of affordable travel packages. Flights of Easyjet are direct to Barcelona Airport. Take Ryanair’s flights to Girona Airports, which is one hour and 20 minutes north of Barcelona inorder to save flight costs. You just have to budget the time and travel expenses to Barcelona. Amenities like movies, drinks, snacks are not included in budget airlines but you can save on the flight expenses. Easyjet has discount flights but they are not assigning passengers to their seats upon boarding. The boarding process may seem to be difficult. Ryanair has also many flights but they do not recline. In order to have a good seat, you need to check in early. Priority will be given by Easyjet to passengers who will check in early.


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