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Cheap O Air finds cheap tickets

There are plenty of sites out there that will find the best deals on plane tickets for you. Airfare Watchdog, Cheap Tickets, Orbitz and Expedia are just a few of these services, and we can add Cheap O Air to that list.

Cheap O Air is a lot like other sites you’ve seen. If you punch in your travel plans, it pulls up a list of prices for tickets starting with the least expensive. Normally, I wouldn’t say to use no fax payday loans with no credit check to buy airline tickets unless it’s a dire circumstance. However, in some cases you’ll save money if you buy a ticket that is on sale for a limited time or is a great price. Airline prices usually go up in small increments daily for some tickets, and some shoot through the roof two to three weeks prior to the flight.

Did you know not all airlines are listed?

I’ve noticed other sites like Cheap Tickets, Cheap O Air, and Expedia don’t include prices don’t include prices for ALL available flights. I looked for the same flight on 3 sites, and got results for Delta, Alaska, American, and United Airlines.

However, Southwest Airlines happens to service the airport I’m closest to, and if you want to get their prices, you have to go to their website. Cheap O Air and other sites typically don’t post Southwest Airlines flights, and the same ought to be true for other regional airlines.

Factor in extra fees

When I compared the flight prices I found on Cheap O Air to Southwest Airlines prices, it turned out Southwest didn’t have less expensive tickets anyway. Southwest has been knownto have some crazy discounts, some tickets going for $ 25. Passengers can save moeny because Southwest doesn’t charge for checking bags.

You have to factor the cost of checking baggage if you’re hauling more than a carry on. Find out what an airline charges for checking bags, and be sure to take it into account when deciding which tickets to buy. For instance, a round trip from Southwest I looked up was $ 33 more expensive than a Delta flight, but Delta charges to check bags. So if I need to check luggage, the cheaper flights could end up being more expensive.

Do your homework

The internet has made it fast and easy for people to find pretty much anything they need in just seconds. I definitely think that if you live near an airport that operates a regional airline and those prices don’t show up on Cheap O Air or other sites like it, it is worth the couple of extra minutes it takes to check and compare prices.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and the airline NOT listed opn Cheap O Air might be having a sale or running a promotion that will save you money. Web sites like Cheap O Air can save you time, but make sure you’re not missing out on all of your options.


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