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There are a number of ways to compare flights to South Africa. That is, you can use a variety of online and offline methods. having written a number of reviews about flights to and around South Africa I can suggest how you can compare them.

That is, using a free flight finder tool

This tool will display a list of all possible flights with a single search. It is not necessary to go through all the airline sites checking timetables and prices, it has all been compiled and located in one place . The best part is that you can even book instantly by using the “add to basket” tool that normally comes with these finders.

So the first bit of information that you enter using a people finder tool is the airport where you will taking off from. Some of the best tools will even provide you with a list of all airports from your country of departure. It becomes even easier to navigate from there.

The nest step is to enter your destination. In this case South Africa. You will have to choose one of the 3 international airports in the country i.e Cape Town, Durban and OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is usually the destnination for most people. Actually even the flights whose eventual destination is Cape Twon or Durban go via Johannesburg.

The nesxt thing to do is pick your dates of departute and return. There is usually a calendar you can use on the site to check the dates. You will also be asked to fill in the number of people you will be traveling with and the age group that they fall in.

From there you simply hit the search button and the tool will search through its database for all available flights. With seconds you will be presented with a list of flights to South Africa from any place you have chosen and to any of the 3 International airports in South Africa.

You will find information concerning departure and arrival times, times for stop overs, the air fares and so on all you have to do is visit any one of these: Nationwide Flights South Africa Flights Manchaster To Cape Town Flights From Durban To Johannesburg


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