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Various flights are available to Johannesburg from Vancouver with air fares that vary according to the time of the year. Below I discuss only three flights that I believe fit the cheap category but of course this may not be an exhaustive list.

British Airways

The cheapest flight to Johannesburg from Vancouver is likely to be offered by British Airways. The reason why I say “possibly” is because prices fluctuate regularly.

The flight departs Vancouver for London at 20.45hrs. It will arrive at Heathrow Airport the next day at 1400hrs. Be ready to do some shopping as the next flight to Johannesburg is only available at 17:50. This is going to be a 12 hour journey that will arrive in Johannesburg at 06.35 hrs.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

This flight leaves Vancouver at 18:05 and flies to London where it arrives at 11:45 the following day. You have a whole afternoon for sight seeing as the connecting flight departs at 18.00hrs. The arrival time in Johannesburg is 07:05 on the 3rd day.


This is an evening flight that is also quite chepa. It takes off from Vancouver at 15:40 and flies to Frankfurt. It gets there at 10:50 on the following day. This flight is ideal for those who want to spend a bit of time in frankfurt as the next available flight will take off at 22.35 hrs. Touch down in johannesburg will be at 10.00 hrs just before midday.

South African Airways

You can consider checking out fly from usa to south africa if you want to fly in South African style. For more details about this flight and prices for all the flights mentioned above you can visit:

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