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If you are thinking about booking a flight to South Africa then take a few minutes to read through this brief but very useful article?This post goes beyond just listing flights but it also provides some key insights about your planned trip. So read below about cheap flights to south africa.

This article considers flights that are flying to OR Tambo Airport in South Africa. If you want to go to other parts of the country like Cape Town or Durban then I suggest you read about domestic filghts richard bay south africa or rather cheap domestic flights south africa has to offer.

Finding cheap flights from Europe to South Africa should not be too much of a hassle especially because there are a number of flights servicing this route. These include flights like Virgin Atlantic, SAA, Air France to name a very few. You should be ready to part with about $1500 for this flight but you are also likely to get one for as low as $800. I am making an example of flights that depart from Hearthrow in London to South Africa’s biggest airport i.e. OR Tambo. You can also consider Lufthansa for you booking.

Departing from Berlin In Germany to Johannesburg

If you are planning on using this route to SA i.e. from Berlin in Germany then you can fly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Iberia and any of the other flights mentioned abouve. The prices are slightly hire here than when departing from London (UK) ranging somewhere between $900 and $1600.

Trip From Paris, France To Johannesburg, South Africa

If you are planning a trip from Paris To Johannesburg then you should be ready to search a bit – as compared to the other flights discussed above. If you have something like $1000 then you can book the Lufthansa.

Traveling To Johannesburg From Zurich

This one route that has plenty of flights to chose from including cheaper ones. You do not have to stress about finding the perfect flight with this route, which means the possibility of finding the cheapest flight is highly possible. I will not list them all but example flights you should consider are, Swiss, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Iberia, British Airways, Air France, United and more. You are most likely to find prices ranging between $1000 and $5000. This has one of the highest priced routes so you need to be careful when attempting to use this route to find cheap flights Europe to South Africa.


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