Levante Lux Apartments Benidorm

This isn’t really going to be a review of Benidorm but rather the apartments that we stayed in, the Levante Lux apartments. Hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect because it seems that most people turn up expecting that they have booked a hotel, you haven’t, you’ve booked self catering apartments and the facilities are as such.
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Terra Natura Night Safari

This was one of the things that really jumped out to my wife when we first arrived in Benidorm, it was the one thing that she really wanted to do yet was the one thing that had very little information about it. We tried to get information from so many people with little joy but I can only say I’m glad we persisted because our Terra Natura Night Safari was brilliant.
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Journey Home From Our 1st Cruise

17th June – The Journey Home

Very sad. Last day on the boat today. We decided to book ourselves into the spa for the day. Not a great deal to say really. Too sad. Had my last Sunweaver ice-cream and dip in the pool.
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Corfu – Just Like Every Other Greek Island?

16th June – Corfu

We stayed on the ship today, reckoning that Crofu looked VERY similar to all the other Greek islands we’d visited so far. Clocks went forward again so while I thought I was getting up nice and early to get us a sunny base I was actually quite late. But there was plenty of sunbeds left and I got us a sun umbrella and made us a brilliant base in front of the kids pool.
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Split – Croatia At Its Best

15th June – Split

I did not go into split because I am still feeling very rough. Had a light breakfast of yoghurt and berries and I spent the day in the Karma Spa. I had a lovely back and foot massage followed by a mini facial, then I got to spend the whole day in the therapy suite all for the grand total of £40. I had the whole suite to myself and spent the day popping in and out of the Relaxation Room/Sauna/Steam Room/Ice Grotto etc. I pretended it was my own little empire. The herbal therapy room was to die for. Unfortunately the meditation room was broken, but will be fixed very soon I was told. Had a lovely sleep. Nice way to spend a totally relaxing day.
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Venice Stinks (But Is Still Great)

14th June – Venice

Venice does indeed stink, the minute we opened our balcony door our nasal senses were attacked by the worst smell ever! My tummy still bad, but there is no way I am going to miss my gondola ride. We must have got to Venice late because it took such a long time getting off – we were at least an hour behind schedule. Met our tour guide on the motor boat and I trapped my ankle underneath the gangplank of the motor boat. OUCH! Anyway, firstly she took us to a church called St George – it was massive, and beautiful – it had the original painting of the last supper – not the one we know, but a lot more chaotic. See who says holidays are not educational!
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13th June – Korcula

We were supposed to be going to a place called Split today, but with one thing and another we would not have got there in time so we went to Korcula instead. Had to go on a tender, which is always fun. What a beautiful place Korcula is, it is really gorgeous. We walked around for a bit, found “Marco Polo’s” hose and the associated shops bearing his name. Went to a cute little shady café and I got a great big glass of red wine. Nice, but stained my lips! Found a lovely little stony beach where Paul taught Laura to skim stones, we took stones to paint as authentic souvenirs. Got the most gorgeous ice cream, tasted like Nutella YUM. Met our next door neighbour and she walked with us back to the tender. Plantation for tea and got to sit right at the front in the posh area that is used on the publicity shots. Ate too much and then felt very sick. Was sick all night. Combination of too much food/weird wine/tiredness/heat – who knows, but I haven’t been that sick in a long time and hopefully won’t be again for a while! – up all night being sick.

Med Cruise Day At Sea

12th June – At Sea

I got up super early today because I knew the boat would be full of newbies getting their “den”, I had our spot up on deck 12 by the pool for 8am. It was lovely and quiet for about half and hour, and then suddenly it was full with women walking backwards and forward looking for the best place to sit, all with hapless husbands trailing around after them laden down with towels, books and sunbathing paraphernalia. I got a freshly squeezed orange juice and sat watching the to-ings and fro-ings of people getting settled, Paul came about an hour later, and Laura about an hour after him. Laura did not stay with us though, she went off to the kids club. Me and Paul had a splash about in the adults pool. What was really funny was there was loads of people sitting “round” the pool, but no-one actually “in” it, until I got in, then it was like the old empty dancefloor thing, once one person sets on, it soon filled up with pensioners – it was like a scene from that film “cocoon” haha!!
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