Indianapolishotels – Vacation Ideas – What to Look For in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana. It has a number of extensive attractions such as parks and other cultural heritage sites. Indianapolis City continuously increases its magnificent appeal among its tourists. It offers travelers an alternative and unique vacation experience, for people of all ages. Here are some of the places you may want to look on a weekend or month long vacation.

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Baltimore Hotels – Baltimore Aquarium

The Baltimore Aquarium, opened in 1981, is world-famous, and is Baltimore’s leading tourist attraction. Built on the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium is located within a triangular glass building that is a Baltimore landmark. The Aquarium provides cultural, recreational, and educational experiences that meet the needs of various communities. The aquarium is a major factor in the economic revival of the region; it has created jobs and demonstrated a viable model of business profitability. The Aquarium blends naturalistic exhibitions with the most modern interpretive techniques, enthralling visitors by highlighting the beauty of the aquatic world and soliciting an emotional response in visitors, and the awareness that all of us have a responsibility towards the environment.

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Las Vegas Hotels – Cheap Las Vegas Hotel Reservations

Las Vegas has room for everyone – rich or poor. If you have enough money to burn, the city will offer you high class luxury hotels. And if you talk to yourself before every dollar you spend, you readily find a host of cheap hotels that suits your pocket.

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Jacksonville Hotels – Jacksonville Florida – A Dynamic and Vibrant City

Living in the shadow of larger cities such as Orlando and Miami, Jacksonville, Florida sits at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and St Johns River and offers white

sandy beaches coupled with beautiful sunsets. Although the 18th century saw significant growth, the area really blossomed after the Civil War as visitors from across

the globe came to the region as a reprieve from colder weather locations. Since that time, Jacksonville has seen its share of adversity with events such as the 1901

fire, the 1920 land bust and the economic hardship of the 1970s.

Initially named Cowford, the name is not the only change the region has seen over the decades. Located just outside the Georgia border, the history of Jacksonville

dates back almost six thousand years to a period when the Timucuan Indians occupied the St Johns River banks. It wasn’t until 1821 that Florida was included as a

territory located within the United States and Jacksonville was founded the following year.

Although, over the years, the city has been plagued with setbacks it has regained a foothold as one of Florida’s most vibrant and dynamic cities which has held on to

the rich heritage of its past. A variety of museums wait those with an interest in history, including the Civil War and the rise of the maritime period. The St Johns

River is home to the Fort Caroline National Memorial which is comprised of a replicated fort, winding nature walks and the museum.

For those with a love for golf, Jacksonville offers a large number of challenging courses, many containing water hazards that will definitely test a golfer’s skill.

Close by is the World Golf Hall of Fame which houses a variety of presentations from greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

If shopping runs through the blood, the electric and charismatic downtown area provides an outdoor atmosphere with the St Johns River running through it and a

marketplace spotlighting more than 40 distinctive shops, live entertainment and restaurants offering a variety of cuisine. Another addition to the riverfront is The

Metropolitan Park. It’s a great place to pack a picnic and enjoy one of the many concerts, plays or to simply watch the river roll by.

For accommodation there are thousands of options through luxury hotel to budget hotels, motels, Inn and penthouse. World famous hotel franchisees serving in

Jacksonville too such as Quality Inn, Clarion Inn, Best Western Inn, Days Inn, Holiday Inn Wingate Inn & suites and many more. The hotels in Jacksonville FL are not

only full of Top notch service and elegant amenities as well comfort and care which are rare in hotels. Jacksonville Hotels play key role to make your trip

unforgettable being your second home. If you visiting the city during peak season better you should reserve a room prior so you can get relaxed as you land at

Jacksonville land.

There is plenty to do in Jacksonville, Florida and limo services Jacksonville would be happy to take you around town and show you the sights.
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Louisvillehotels – Do you know of hotels that accept cash as a payment?

You bet, all of the hotels do accept cash as a form of payment. I seriously doubt if anyone would actually refuse to take cash at a hotel. You most likely won't be able to reserve a room without a credit card, or atleast can't guarantee a room, although some may book your room only until 6pm day of arrival and if you don't check in by that time, they'll most likely cancel your room. I'd still advise you to take your credit card with you since you'll be travelling and may need your card in an emergency and I certainly won't advise you to carry a lot of cash on you while away from home. You can reserve a room with your card but still pay cash upon departure. Just a reminder; if you really don't want to use your card then only reserve the room with that and at check in don't let the receptionist run your card at the terminal or it will either pull out money straight away(Room+tax+incidentals hold) or put a hold on that much money that you won't be able to use until that hold is removed by the hotel. Just give them cash at check in to be on the safe side. They may ask for a refundable deposit for incidentals like the phones, movies, food etc. Don't forget to get the receipt for your cash deposit! Have fun.

Sure! What state and city?

A few will ask for credit card for a reservation but willl take cash once you get there. Since the Credit Cards charges a lot of fees, they are more than happy to take the cash an will be cheaper to you.

It's similar to what's done when buying gas at the station.

Yes, however be alert, some hotels might ask for a deposit if they don't have a credit card in file for your reservation.

Tips: Ask if you get a break when you pay cash; they should cut a couple of dollars. – the hotel saves on not having to pay the credit card processor when they don't use it for your transaction!

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Seattle Hotels – Pet Friendly Seattle Hotels

Pet friendly Seattle Hotels are meant for people who wish to bring their pets along with them while traveling. Pet friendly hotels in Seattle provide all essential facilities for the pets. All hotels in Seattle accommodate pets.

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Fort Worth Hotels – Hotels with fantasy or theme rooms in or around dallas, tx?

Hotel ZaZa has some incredible concept suites. If you got one of the packages (like Together Forever… ) it would definately be a night to remember.…

There is also the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Even boasts an indoor water park.

The Stockyards Hotel in Fort Worth has a themed area surrounding the hotel.

The Lockhart Gables Romantic Bed and Breakfast is also an option. Yup, you guessed it…love and romance is the theme.

try the Gaylord Texan, it is a very nice fancy hotel, it is a theme hotel for everthing about Texas, I went when my german exchange student was here and it was really cool.

Grapevine Texas…

Motel 6 on N Central Expy…they have a
several flea bag suites.

Well you need to say more? What fantasy are you going for?

Romantic or dangerous?

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Houston Hotels – What hotel(s) in Houston, Tx. have rooms with Jacuzzis and stripper/dancer poles in them. where are they?

Hotel Derek. classy, luxurious, incredible service.

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