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On a Carnival Cruise the key word is fun! The Carnival Line prides themselves on making their cruises the “funniest”! The “funniest” cruise line around has a fleet of 23 ships, each designed to make sure your vacation is memorable. The evenings are loaded with fun for you and the tweens and teens, so go Carnival and enjoy.

The ships offer a great variety of dining experiences and foods that all will enjoy. That is important to you if you are taking your children on the cruise and you have a meticulous eater. Don’t worry, because Carnival Cruise Line loves kids and they will be as pampered as the adults will. Believe it or not, even you will feel the fun that kids enjoy when you hit the water slide or win at a game of mini golf.

No matter which age your children are, they will be entertained and the youngest will be supervised. The youngest set, the 2-11 year olds hang out at Camp Carnival. No interruptions and yet you can be assured that the person in charge of your young child is well trained and attentive. The kids at Camp Carnival are always having fun and this allows the parents to get a little time in the pool alone.

The 12-14 year olds enjoy at bit more sophistication at Circle C. These kids are entertained aboard the ship with late night movies, video games and Karaoke. These early teens can feel some freedom in their activities with being treated like the younger set.

The oldest group sailing on Carnival will be invited to dances, movies and shore excursions. This is the O2 group. Ages in this group are 15-17 years old and without having kids their own age to hang with, could put a real damper on everyone’s vacation. Bring the whole family for the fun of it.

The fun ships are delighted to offer a huge array of destinations. From Baja Mexico to the Bahamas and from Hawaii to the Caribbean, ports of call are specially selected as popular destinations for your enjoyment. The cruise line even has a very special destination.

Take a Carnival Cruise to Nowhere. Where is it, this nowhere place? There are nowhere cruises out of New York and out of Norfolk, Virginia. You want to have 2 days of fun and don’t want the expense of traveling out of New York or Norfolk, so you can book a cruise to nowhere and enjoy the fresh sea air as the ship makes a giant petal loop in the sea. You eat like royalty, sleep like angels and enjoy all the amenities of the ship. This is a terrific anniversary getaway for New Yorkers and the couples from Norfolk who want to enjoy being pampered on their special day.

Regardless of where you like to choose as your destination, you will have fun aboard Carnival on one of its 23 cruise liner ships. Sail around the ports of Europe, Alaska, or Bermuda. Take a transatlantic venture aboard Carnival. Regardless of which cruise you take, these 23 ships were designed for fun and promise to provide you with the time of your life never to forget. Do not miss out, book your cruise with Carnival today.

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