Can Flying with a Baby Really be Fun? Bookmark and Share

Many people worry about traveling with an infant, especially first-time parents. However, with a few simple considerations, it is possible to fly with a baby and actually have fun!

What’s the secret to getting the best flight with your infant? Organize, organize, organize. There are many styles of diaper bags which offer multiple compartments – lots of compartments can make it easier to find exactly what your baby needs in the confined space of an airplane seat. Create a checklist of everything you’ll need for the length of your trip before packing. Pack only what you’ll need while traveling. If you are breastfeeding, remember that you may not always have a private place for your baby to eat.

You’ll need to be prepared to nurse in public or give your baby a bottle. Don’t forget to pack a few extra diapers in case of delays, and plastic bags for used diapers and dirty clothes. If you can combine this diaper bag and your own carry-on needs, that’s even better. A few days before your flight, make sure that you can carry your bags and your baby comfortably. You’ll also want an easy way to move your baby quickly through a crowded airport, such as a stroller or baby carrier.

A compact, lightweight umbrella stroller is perfect for babies who are sitting up, while smaller babies will be more comfortable being worn in a baby carrier – ring slings, wrap carriers, and other cloth-style carriers not only work well for carrying your infant at your destination but can also be used in-flight to help reduce tiring of your arms while holding your baby on the plane.

Most infants are extremely resilient and won’t be upset by flying. The most common issues parents face when flying with a baby are due to changes in temperature and in-flight pressure changes. Be sure to dress your baby in layers and bring a couple of light-weight blankets so that you can add or remove layers as the temperature fluctuates. Remember, babies are generally comfortable in one layer more than adults. If your baby seems to be experiencing ear pain from pressure changes on the plane, try giving him something to suck on. If he’ll breastfeed or take a bottle, that will probably provide the most relief. Otherwise, a pacifier can also help relieve the pressure. The best way to keep your baby comfortable, though, is to take cues from her. Every infant is different, and yours will let you know what he needs.

Most babies will need a bit of playtime while they’re traveling, so you’ll want to pack a few of your child’s favorite toys. Stuffed animals and favorite blankets are great, as they are easy to pack and carry the comforting smell of home. Teething rings are also a great idea, especially if your baby may be teething during your trip. Be careful not to pack too many toys, however. Five or six toys are plenty to keep your baby happy.
While it is important to consider your baby’s needs, don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Try to get plenty of rest and be sure to stay hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. Babies are attentive as to how their parents feel. Staying positive and as stress-free as possible will create a good energy that your baby will pick up on. If you are feeling good, you will be better prepared to take care of your baby and enjoy your trip with her.


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