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When it comes to choosing car rental companies there are number of things that you should be aware of. Planning the trip in advance and doing a little research about the available agencies will also help you.

Do not be misled into thinking that an advance booking will give you discounted rates, normally this is not the case. Car charges are not constant and vary through out the year. So you must be quite clear on the conditions that are described to you and when they apply.

One thing that would really help is knowing how much you want to spend on renting the car, and the different sites that you intend to visit. You should also know the exact dates of your trip and whether you can change them or not. Knowing all these things will help you when you are negotiating and choosing the type of car that you will use.

The best way to make a car booking would be to do it online. Online bookings are convenient for the car rental agencies and they will offer you a discount for booking online. When you are getting your quote from the car rental ask if their cars have any add on features that you might require. Things like roof racks for luggage and sporting equipment, any navigation systems or storage facilities.

Car rentals will have daily rates for a limited number of km and then charge per km there after. Some will offer cover charges for rentals that are up to a week and not consider the number of km’s traveled. Some are flexible on drivers as long as you register the drivers with them others will require you to pay for the extra drivers. What it comes down to is looking at the original deal, comparing it with others and then good negotiating skills. Some of the agencies that you might want to look are:

  1. Rent A Car Sandton
  2. Car Hire Johannesburg
  3. Cheap Car Rental South Africa


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