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The various Round Town shops dotted around Benidorm are great places for buying tickets and getting English advice on the many shows, tours and other things going on in Benidorm. If nothing else it’s worth popping into one just to pick up a copy of the free Round Town newspapers.

One of the advantages these have over other ticket outlets is that they seem more prepared to help. For example we went into the closest ticked shop to where we were staying and asked about tickets for the Benidorm Circus. We were told by the Spanish lady that Circus tickets were only available from the Benidorm Palace box office. Short and simple. It’s a good walk to the Benidorm Palace and not really one I wanted to do just to pick up a couple of tickets for a show that is only on once a week. We could take the chance on turning up on spec on the Saturday night but that’s not really the way we like to do things on holiday. Proper planning helps avoid disappointment when your time in a place is so limited. So when we were in Round Town asking about the Night Safari at Terra Natura and free blanket trips I mentioned tickets to the Circus. “No problem” came the reply and within 2 minutes we had tickets to the Benidorm Circus. She was also more than happy to advise us on the best time to arrive and what facilities were on sight. When we asked about Terra Natura we were told about the difficulties getting back to Benidorm and even advised not to book tickets until she could get some exact details for us. The last thing she wanted was to leave a group of people stuck out at Terra Natura, something that had happened in the past! This is great customer service.

However much like any business not everything is always equal. I’m sure Round Town works on a commission basis for ticket sales (anybody know any different?) and this was fairly obvious by some of our later visits and talking to a different member of staff. I guess it all comes down to the member of staff you get, I only wish I’d asked for our first girls name because she was excellent. My only advice would be if somebody looks like they are guessing about information they probably are. Ask them to check before buying anything. That said staff at Round Town seem more prepared to check on your behalf than others (even it if needs a gentle push) so they are definitely recommended as a good source of information and tickets for what’s going on around Benidorm.


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