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Belgium is a nation flourishing in history, and is host to various districts with stunning attractions, including architecture, museums, sights, and the overall beautiful scenery. There are the sought-after vacationer cities of Brussels and Antwerp, while there are many other interesting cities and towns which offer an remarkable experience.

There are many Belgium luxury hotels in the capital city of Brussels, such as the Conrad Brussels, Hotel Le Plaza, and many more. The city is home to many amazing attractions, including its beautifully sculpted buildings, its prominent museums, and vibrant city and night life. There is the magnificent Grand Place-Grote Markt, for example, as well as the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, the National Sciences Mseum, and many others.

Antwerp is another major tourist destination of Belgium. The city is popular for its hospitable people, as well as its affluent life and food. Antwerp is probably most known for being the “world’s leading diamond city,” with around 70% of all diamonds sold here. Most of the luxurious hotels are focused around the Diamond District and the main attractions, such as the Astoria Hotel Antwerp, and many more. There are numerous attractions here, such as impressive museums, cathedrals, and such. Shopping here can also be very upscale, with the Diamond District, and many other affluent shopping areas.

For a different encounter in Belgium, visit the area of Dinant for its marvelous god-given sceneries. The pint-sized city is especially famous for adventure sports like rowing, rock-climbing and such, as well as exploring. There are only several luxury hotels in the town, like the L’Auberge de Bouvignes, but the extraordinary scenic views are worth the visit. There are a number of excellent places here, like the Citadel of Dinant and the La Merveilleuse caves.

Most of the different Belgian areas feature historical value, exhibiting several of the grandest and most magnificent historical buildings and places of interest. There is Bruges, for one, which has one of the most beautiful and large historical centres, with its streets filled with charming houses. The town attracts many holiday-makers, and there are countless great impressive hotels here, such as The Pand, and more.

Cities like Liege, Ghent, and Mechelen also have a unique mix of historical atmosphere and a vibrant town life. Liege is mostly an industrial city, with a spectacular historic town centre, and several four-star luxury hotels. Ghent is a thriving cosmopolitan city, boasting its extraordinary architecture and churches, and several luxurious hotels. Mechelen is a small medieval town rich in history, with a mix of traditional and trendy and a few four-star luxury hotels.



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