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Not sure what a Pullman bed (or berth) is? Simply put it’s a bed that drops down from the ceiling to give extra sleeping space without the need for a chair or sofa bed. On Ventura and Azura pullman beds are the preferred option for families sharing a cabin. You can get a sofa bed but you’ll need to book a Deluxe Balcony Cabin, only on certain decks.

Your cabin steward will handle all the arrangements regarding your pullman bed or beds, some of the cabins have 2. In terms of comfort they are absolutely fine and there is little danger of anybody falling out. The only problem we did have was with pillows falling down between the end of the bed and the wall, hitting the person sleeping on the bed below. Using these beds also means that the 2 bottom beds can not be joined to create a double. The other issue is with having 2 pullman beds, if both are needed that will mean that the TV in the room can not be viewed. This isn’t a serious issue but if you have 2 yound children with you and are looking forward to a peaceful cabin night it may be a problem.

Here are a couple of photographs of what the pullman beds on the Azura look like:-

Azura Pullman Bed

Pullman Bed Azura


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