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Nothing seeps the excitement out of an adventure faster than the plain reality that you do not have enough cash to support the entire vacation. You have enough cash for a ticket to Australia and some left for everyday expenditures for perhaps a month, if you’re going to really work on the resources, but otherwise, it’s going to be hard making ends meet.

There’s really little to worry about especially if your application for an Australian tourist visa is granted. You can obtain an employment to pay for your vacation by working in Australia. Now this is very fascinating, isn’t it? Then take time do read on.

The Australian government has a mutual working holiday visa agreement with 19 other countries, namely: Canada, Japan, Ireland, Korea, Germany, Denmark, Malta, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Cyprus, France, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. If you are a lucky passport owner of any of these countries then you can be qualified to apply for an Australian working holiday visa.

The application must be made from offshore Australia; if you are already in Australia when you became aware of this program then you will not be able to apply. Other qualifications is that you should be between ages 18 and 30, and without dependent children. You must also apply 12 months prior to your plan of traveling to Australia. If you have entered Australia on this visa before, you can not apply for another one. You must not have substantial criminal record and substantial medical condition. Substantial criminal record refers to an imprisonment of 12 months or more, two or more terms of imprisonment amounting to two or more years, and acquittance consequent detainment in a mental facility due to mental instability or insanity. There is medical concern if you have stayed for more than three consecutive months in the recent five years in a country with a high health risk.

Take note that on the Australian working holiday visas, you are just permitted to obtain employment as a temporary or casual employee for not more than six months with one employer. You will be paid according to Australian employment terms and condition. You get the opportunity of applying for a second working holiday visa if you have worked in a key producer firm, residential and non-residential construction industry for more than three months.

With this information, you will surely have a great Australian adventure. Even if you are short on cash, you can still have an unforgettable experience if you avail of the holiday working visa. It can let you earn more while on holiday. This is probably the greatest vacation plan you can experience. So prepare your vacation, apply for a visa and begin searching for a job on the internet.


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