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9 June – Athens

Parthenon ScaffoldWe had to get up SO early because our trip was one of the first to leave. 8.30am we had to be on the coach for! Didn’t get up early enough for breakfast though. Met our guide, an old fella called Yanis. Nice comfy coach, I got 2 seats to myself. Long trip on the coach through 3 different areas of Athens. Laura sat with Paul and she was tired and grumpy so luckily she fell asleep and later woke up in much better spirits thankfully. Eventually reached the Acropolis.

Tour Guide YanisYanis kept saying about how tough the walk up was and that if you were not fit, drop out NOW before it’s to late. He was dead funny, he was like one of those old dogs darting about looking for shade. We were glad of this before long though because he knew the right places to take us to so we could take advantage of the small bit of shade that was available. Got to the top and saw the Parthenon etc. It was so hot, poor Laura was like a big red tomato.

There was a busker and a statue man there and a few shops. We got some souvenirs then back onto the bus to go to the place where they held the first modern Olympics. Later we saw the changing of the guard. Really good trip. Back on the boat by about 1pm. Went for lunch then for a walk around the shops (which were mostly closed) Got Laura some flip flops and got ripped off buying perfume which turned out to be fake – it is actually called “Beautiful Princess”, smells more like “Raid” – Didn’t know it was fake though, it was expensive enough so we thought it was the real thing???

We also bought some bobbles which snapped in the heat! I can report when the metal part of a bobble smashes into your finger at speed, it hurts!

Light tea and then we went to Connexions to watch a comedy show. Had lots of cocktails. The funniest thing was me and Paul laughing at the slowcoach drinkers that were surrounding us. How long can a drink last – 3 hours – for some of them it could….. Laura went to her Girls Night In makeover and photo session, then they crashed the boys night out poker evening. Gender stereotyping or what?! We then had late night snacks with Laura and Emily. She was taking the mickey out of Paul something rotten saying he was greedy with his 4 burgers, then she started walking around being a drunk walking “straight” on a wobbly boat! Hahaha!


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