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A vast amount of people are becoming more and more scared of flying throughout the world, and this is due down to the amount of air incidents that are occurring over the last few years. Folk have always stated that air travel is the safest way to travel, but is that still the case.

The inflation in low costs airlines have seen a reduction in the amount of servicing an aeroplane actually receives. This has all led to many more delays. A personal story of mine was that I went to go on a relaxing holiday, and when leaving England the jet was initially delayed for two hours because they could not get the jet open to offload the passengers. Because they were running late as soon as they offloaded the people, they put us on the aeroplane as quickly as possible so that hey could get back and pick up more passengers.

But what happened was that in mid air the engines stopped working and caused us to make and emergency landing, which was a very scary experience. So is air travel really as safe as driving new cars? In my opinion it is not, basically if you are involved in a car collision then you are less likely to die. But being involved in an air accident you are 99% likely not to survive.

As I have previously stated above, one of the main causes of this was simply due down to the fact that airlines charge so little that they want to do as many trips as they possibly can to earn more money. So instead of actually resting the planes and getting them repaired, they are instead non stop flying them around to earn more money.

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