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Here is a list of the most annoying and idiotic airlines over the past 8 months, and some of the things they have done to annoy us:

Ryanair have proved once again how annoying they can be, by raising there prices to ridiculous amounts. Ryanair have been known to be very cheap, but they are starting to screw up. They have however just announced that Luggage is now more expensive, and the checking in of luggage costs more. Did your suit case look at you one day and say, “oh by the way i want more money”? We have weight restrictions already, so why if they weigh the same amount as normal, do we now all of a sudden have to pay extra? If my suitcase says to me that it wants to fly 1st class then that may be a reason for me to fork out some more cash. Can you believe, that they also said this would help to reduce costs overall, I will believe it when i see it.

It won’t be long before Virgin dominate the world as the worlds largest airline. We all know it’s going to happen, the time of Microsoft is over, and soon Virgin will take over the world. They do come up with great ideas, but this isn’t one of them. One example is banning people from getting on their planes in South Africa if they have swine flu. Swine flu seems to be travelling all the way around the globe already, so what good does this do. So we stop people from coming into a country, where swine flu is already present, hmmm seems a little odd to me? But i don’t want to moan about them too much, give it 30 years and they will own the world.

Easy Jet have done a pretty good job of making themselves look silly this year. Can you imagine telling one of your customers that they are too “fat”, well Easy Jet gave it a whirl. Now that seems a little extreme to me. But hey at least they offered her the chance to buy two tickets to accommodate her. I might also add that she only weighed 15 stone. To be fair, it wasn’t easy jets fault——OK it was?

Well if you’re thinking about Caribbean holidays try Maldives holidays instead and fly with someone you know you can trust, if you can find that airline. Let’s see who can screw up the Christmas holidays the most this year?



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