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Everyone wants to get something they look forward to for Christmas, and hopefully we’ll get something nice this year. For some of us we want something under the black christmas tree and others want something else. But sometimes what we want doesn’t always happen. What I want for Christmas this year is that I would like to have something that I really want for myself. I’d been saving for some years now for this, and it would really be helpful for me and my husband Labron.

This year if its possible I’d like to buy a car, so that I can go places I want to when I want to, I could just get up and go. I actually have a car right now that I drive only if under work hours, since it’s a company car. Generally there is a rule against us using our company vehicles for doing our own thing, like getting groceries or other chores. And my husband Labron does drive his own car when he goes to work but our office is both situated in different locations. Aside from that, I would like to have a new and handy digital camera so I could take pictures whenever I happen to go to a place that is unfamiliar. Along the way, I see some great scenes that I could include in my collections of pictures, and it will be a great idea if I could have something that testifies my kind of passion.

After many years of delivery driving the road has become my best buddy. And it’s far better to have some type of a hobby while I go off to work. It would be a nice change for me to have something to be able to consider besides life’s problems or being bored when I’m driving around. These are the things that I want for Christmas, and now I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find them under my pink christmas tree.


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