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Yotel Hotel Gatwick Airport

If you have driven to any busy UK airport in recent years you will understand how important it is to pre-book your airport parking space. If you haven’t pre booked you end up paying top price for your parking space, if there is any still available.

Luckily it’s not difficult to go online and pre-book the parking space you will need. You’ll find prices online that are less than half of what it would cost if you just turn up without pre-booking. But there is a way to make even further savings while making your trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

If you have an early morning flight then booking yourself into a local airport hotel can be very convenient for your early morning start. An airport hotel room can be a great way to start your short break that little bit sooner. Many of the top name airport hotels provide some exceptional services. These include top quality restaurants, recreation facilities, excellent bars and even swimming pools.

Spending a relaxed night in an hotel the night before your flight means that you will not need to rush to the airport in the morning to catch your flight.

If this isn’t enough to encourage you to try a hotel room before your flight then what about a hotel room that includes airport parking in the price? Many popular airport hotels are now offering some incredibly attractive deals that include a convenient airport parking space for the period of your holiday.

Airport hotels with parking provide a convenient way to save money and headaches. Although you will usually only use a hotel room for one night they will typically provide a parking space for 8 or 15 days.

Hotels that now provide airport parking are an example of how competition is encouraging them to provide more services that travellers want.


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