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The trophy of The Biggest Airliner is now belong to Airbus A380, which has two full-length passenger deck. Its pre-production name was A3XX. The length of A380 is longer than the length of a football field.

Here’s the Airbus A380 Dimensions in metric terms:

  • Overall length: 73 meters
  • Height: 24,1 meters
  • Fuselage diameter: 7,14 meters
  • Maximum cabin width: 6,58 meters (main deck) and 5,92 meters (upper deck)
  • Cabin length: 49,90 meters
  • Wingspan: 79,8 meters (geometric)
  • Wing area: 845 square meter (reference)
  • Wing sweep: 33,5 degrees (25% chord)
  • Wheelbase: 30,4 meters
  • Wheel track: 14,3 meters

The plane has a total of three decks. The A380 has two staircase, a big staircase near the front of the airplanes, and a smaller one near the end, which are provided to enable the passenger to travel from one deck to another. In the lower deck outfit, cargo bay is located, but it can also be equipped to accommodate special passenger utilization. It’s not possible to furnished the lower deck to become a child care center or others function. The Purpose of the lower deck will determine.

Approximatelly 840 passengers will fit in its belly in one-class configuration. Compare to the airliner Boeing 747-400 dimensions, the A380 has thirty to fifty percent more seats to offer. 10,000 miles can be served by the A380 without stopping. The engines are designed to be capable of lifting up the 1,2 million pounds of the airplane’s weight for either short or long range flight.

Ten airlines interested to purchase this kind of jet bus. Airbus receive orders of 66 planes after it’s official launching on December 2000. Following are the airlines that has ordered the A380: Emirates, Lufthansa, Air France, Federal Express, Qatar Airways, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, and Singapore Airlines.

The production of the A380 planes started on January 23rd in 2002 resulting more orders were received from different airline. The Airbus A380 will be flown for the first time in commercial service by Singapore Airlines. 2007 would be the year. Other commercial airlines that are planning to fly the A380 into commercial service: Australian’s Qantas Airways, and UAE’s Emirates Airlines.   

Thanks to their newest technology, A380 will turn into a more effective airplane than its major rival, The Boeing 747-400. Airbus stated that A380 will require less fuel by up to 20%, quieter flight, cheaper travel cost and more environment-friendly engines.

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