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Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Travel

The popularity of air travel has been increasing in the past few decades. One can attribute a number of reasons for this increase in popularity and these are convenience and safety. The following are some of the positive and negative factors involving air travel.

Disadvantage: Airplanes Cause Pollution.

Pollution is the biggest problem caused by air travel. Emission of greenhouse gases by the airplanes into our atmosphere results in things like global warming. This is considered as a serious drawback by people who are keen to limit the effect of global warming on the universe. ) Many airlines are trying to become more environmentally conscious these days. Many airlines take action for retrofitting winglet that is usually intended to improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft thereby reducing greenhouse gas emission. In addition, many airlines have started upgrading their fleet of aero planes to modern fuel efficient aircraft by spending millions of dollars.

Disadvantage: High Cost

High cost of travel makes many people avoid traveling by air. It is frequently much less expensive to fuel up the car and drive to where you need to go instead of flying. One way of solving the high cost air travel problem is to take advantage of discount
airline travel. Ultimate decision for flying or driving is dependent on whether you get a good deal on the airfare or not.

Disadvantage: Fear of Flying

Many people refrain from flying. In case anybody flew in a flight which experienced extreme turbulence or some type of other event they feel terrified and hence do not prefer to fly.

Advantage: Speed of Travel

The greatest advantage about air travel is that it is much faster to reach between places as compared to other means of travel; however these places have to be connected by air. Driving in United States between places could take you a number of days whereas you could cover this distance in a few hours by flight. This helps us to enjoy longer vacations because we have to spend less time traveling.

Advantage: Easy to Travel Long Distances

It is possible to cover long distances by flight in a reasonably short time whereas it is difficult to cover far off destinations by other modes of transportation. We can pretty much travel to any destination around the globe by air. In the event of your opting for other modes of transportation you will find the travel time is quite long as compared to flying between these destinations.

Advantage: Safety

One of safest mode of travels out of all the forms of travel available is air travel. Every year you will find a lot of fatal accidents occur because of car travel. Similarly, there is no dearth of train accidents. Air travel related disasters do happen but they occur much less frequently. For many people this makes it an easy decision to choose air travel over any other form of transportation.

Choosing air travel is a personal decision, based on the factors discussed above along with a multitude factors not discussed here. For most travelers safety, speed of travel and cost are the over riding factors. As long as cost remains affordable air travel will continue to grow in popularity.


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