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Has it been a while since you have been to the airport? It seems that as every day passes, managing ones way through the airport is becoming more and more challenging.

If you are presented with the option of curbside check-in, I highly recommend you use it. This is a time saver for anyone who is checking luggage to their final travel destination. Some used to worry that their luggage would get lost unless you made nice with the attendant and give them a tip. While tips are encouraged, luggage is quickly tagged and taken away by security. So the chances of a bag getting lost because of curbside check-in is not very likely.

If you make your way inside, you will be surprised to see that all the tellers have been replaced with automated ticketing machines. Have your printed itinerary in hand and reading glasses, or a credit card to swipe for identification purposes handy so you can locate your ticket. Unfortunately, in many situations the help of a live person is still required and they are usually difficult to come by. This leads to longer lines and longer wait times.

In many airports, there is now another step for inside luggage checking. You now have to carry your bags to a security screening area. Usually this does not take very long, but it is an added step.

And finally you can make your way to the security line. For the fastest transition, have your laptop out, keep your boarding pass in hand, and wear all fabric clothing with no metal. Carry plastic eyeglasses along with your reading material and don’t forget to remove your shoes.

The easiest way through the airport is to ship your stuff ahead of time, print your boarding pass at home, wear basic clothing, and only bring your book and glasses if necessary.


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