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Today we decided to go up and down the strip on the Monorail! You just buy your ticket out of a machine and can then go up and down on it all day for the grand cost of $11. Can’t complain at that! Mostly the monorail was quiet.

We initially jumped on at Bally’s and went over to the Excalibur. This is one of those places that looked better from the outside, all turrets and castle-like, but inside seemed to be quite old/dated. The interior had castle walls, but apart from that you could be anywhere, except for the one thing – they had an area suitable for children – ie amusements that were not gambling! We didn’t stay there very long!

Crossed over to the Luxor. I was hugely disappointed with this place, virtually everything was signed as “closed”. I would be raging if that had been my base! The funniest thing about there was when we were on a moving walkway, a boy was messing around and I had visions of him getting his foot trapped, but his parents were just letting him mess about – anyway, later on we saw this family again just ahead of us, and their boy was still messing (not picking up feet etc) but he fell FLAT ON HIS FACE! I laughed out loud! Tee hee!!

Back out into the baking heat and over the bridge to the Tropicana for our “$11 Island Buffet” – what can I say – WOW! I started with a fry up! Then I saw Clam Chowder – I have only ever heard of this on American TV shows, so I thought I would give it a go – I LOVED it, should have gone back for more. Then I got some Chinese noodle type thing…..You could go back and forth as much as you liked, but we didn’t go properly mental, but definitely had enough! We tipped our server $10 and you would have thought it was her birthday the reaction from her! Felt quite stuffed, but luckily we had the rest of the day to walk it off.

Got given tickets at MGM grand to watch a show and give our opinion. But we won’t be doing that – like Paul says, people usually “pay” us for our opinions!

Back on the monorail from MGM grand all the way down to the Stratosphere. This area of town is really seedy – saw our first wedding chapel down here – as well as a couple of homeless dudes… It had an air of sadness about it, like it was closing down. The Stratosphere itself has rides at the top, but we were too chicken and went into the viewing tower instead…. Didn’t realise just how tall this building was until we looked out at the view – lots of signs saying do not lean on the glass, yeah, as if! I would be too afraid of falling through the glass…

I got one of those squished pennies as a souvenir.

We also got iced coffee at the stratosphere’s Starbucks (which I didn’t really like – it wasn’t actually what I wanted – but I didn’t know the name of what I wanted so just ordered it and hoped for the best!) Walked around for a bit, did lots of “viewing” and then went back down the lift. “Down” seemed to be a lot faster, I could feel my ears popping!

The Biggest Souvenir shop in the World is here, so of course we nipped in and bought all our pressies. They had a severed hand in a jar with a notice that this is what happened to the last shoplifter they caught – haha – I am surprised anyone would have the nerve (or the opportunity) to steal from this shop, bearing in mind the amount of security they had. We got our receipt marked with a highlighter pen by the security guard on our exit for some strange reason??

Friday is quite a big night in Vegas so we got dressed up posh (I wore my cream dress) and hit the Bellagio casino. Drank lots of “cocktails”, we got invited to join the “Players Club” and I won lots tonight – if I remember correctly I got $22, then $30, then $53… YAY ME!!! I decided I would spend this money on the hire of a stretch limo to take us to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign – extravagant or what! (Luckily, I had read in a mag that a limo only costs about $70 per hour.) – only pennies eh!

Went to bed highly excited at living the life of a high roller.


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