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Got up quite early today to make sure we got to the front of the queue to go on a gondola in the Venetian. We firstly stopped off at Caesar’s Palace, and luckily we timed it just right and managed to get to see the Animatronic Show “Fall of Atlantis”, which was funny. He had a son and a daughter who were fighting about who was going to be in charge but they ended up destroying Atlantis with their Fire and Ice fighting tee hee!

Over to Venetian now. No queue for the gondolas, most people are probably still in bed! Look at the painted clouds, remember this is indoors!

It was good fun, we shared our Gondola with a couple from Georgia, and the fella sang “rainy night in Georgia”, but he sang the wrong words – which he did to most songs – making up his own comedy versions of things like “That’s Amore” it was nice sailing down the fake canals, we went into Fake St Marks Square, and had our photograph taken again by the official photographer. We did an awful lot of walking today.

Crossed to the road to Mirage (half an hour later, we got there)

Had a look at the Rainforest, then we decided to go and see Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden, because we heard they had baby tigers and dolphins. Again, luckily our timing was spot on because we did not have to wait to get in. The dolphins didn’t do tricks, they were allowed to be themselves. We were underneath the tank looking through the glass walls and saw a dolphin making a call of nature. Seen hundreds of dolphin shows, but that was a first!! The baby tigers were just the cutest thing! It was their feeding time as well so there were handlers in with them and they were being bottle fed. They looked like they were having a great time – rolling round fighting and playing with each other.

Left Mirage and walked down to see MacKing at Harrah’s. He was just about to start his show – and I think it is fair to say he was the funniest magician I have ever seen! He had people up on stage, did card tricks, disappearing money, made a bear appear in a tent, used a “cloak of invisibility”. Very clever magician! I was crying with laughter at most of it! Adult but not rude – which I should imagine is quite a tough thing to do?

For an early tea we went to Dennys, which was ACE – that burger and chips was probably the biggest I have ever had. I cut mine in half and gave it to Paul.! Mostly because I did the old “eyes bigger than belly” and ordered a coke float as well!!! Haven’t had one of these since I was a kid, and it was just as nice as I remembered it to be.

Tonight we got a cab downtown. Met a lovely taxi driver who told us a bit about the current situation in Vegas which was kind of sad. Tourism not what it used to be, lots of frat boys who don’t spend, just get drunk and act stupid etc. He said him and his wife were moving away because there was no jobs, and what there was were being given to oriental people because they would work for less! Sounded a bit like home with the Poles!

He dropped us off at the Golden Nugget. We had a stroll around and took some photographs of things like Glitter Gulch and Pete etc. Lots of little stalls selling souveniers and tat. We went into the Golden Nugget and played a bit of VP. I had a big win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got 4 ACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cashed it in of course. I was drinking Beer tonight, it was not really a cocktail place, but I think I got a little bit drunk. Haha!

There was a band playing who played lots of ROCK – they were really good – lots of air guitars being waved around.

The Freemont Street lights came on and they were brilliant! The first show was a tribute to Queen and the songs were “We Will Rock You”, and “We are the Champions” . This was quite emotional as the screen showed clips of soldiers, American flags, doctors, teachers, firemen etc…….. American Schmaltz at it’s best – quite emotional though – even for a hard heart like mine! It has to be seen to be believed. It was amazing. Later in the night they played Lynard Skynard’s “Freebird” – it rocked!

There was a guy standing in the street with a big board displaying a Brain challenge – with a $100 drawn on it, to make you think you might win it if you get them right. I got them all right of course, but then he started banging on about Jesus and how you had to be born again to get into heaven – YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT THE $100!!! I told him I was sorted for religion and that us Catholics could do what we wanted and just go to confession – and that I would not be burning in hell cos Jesus was my mate – he didn’t seem very happy with that – then Paul told him about the hundreds of different religions and that they were all rubbish– I bet he was really glad he picked us!!!!!!!!!!

My winnings were really burning a hole in my pocket now, so I saw a cute little Gucci bag and decided to treat myself to it. Got a taxi home. Straight to bed!


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  1. Bonnie on June 29th, 2009 4:22 pm

    If your looking for 3 of the hottest clubs to party at in Vegas, definitely check out Rain, Moon, and Ghostbar. The atmosphere alone is enough to make it a night to remember.

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