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Well, here it is! The BIG 40!

I don’t feel any older! Woke up nice and early, Paul sang Happy Birthday to me, and I opened my cards. We decided to have a Fancy Pants Fine Dining Breakfast this morning so we went to Café Bellagio.

I had Maryland Crab Cakes with Eggs Benedict. Our waitress said “Gee, that’s the best thing on the menu” (good, I thought!) and it was – it was better than good! It was easily the poshest food I have ever had, it was scrummy, yummy, and moreish! Mind you – it was about 5 times the price of a breakfast anywhere else – but I think it was 5 times better! Some people are never satisfied, a woman on the table next to us was complaining and I was intrigued how the server managed to both be nice and slightly cold towards her at the same time! She was American and it was “get me a ….” No please, no thank you…. Of course, we as usual were unfailingly polite!!!

Went back to the room and got ready for the ride of a lifetime! We got picked up at 11 in a truck (in the one part of the hotel that was not air conditioned – god it was hot) Bus was nice and cool. Went to another hotel to pick up – nothing like as nice as ours! Some stupid woman talked ALL THE WAY on her mobile phone. Still nothing could alter my mood – I was totally wound up with excitement!

Get to the airport, get weighed and get put into 3 pairs. Thankfully Mrs Talkalot was not with us. Just one nice couple, and one couple who could not speak a word of English! The pilot explained that the trip would be split into 3 so we could all have a go at the front. We made the non-english speakers go front first! She looked terrified and was holding onto her seatbelt with clenched hands for most of the journey. It was weird taking off it was a bit like a car starting – then we went SO HIGH! Look, there is Lake Mead, there is Million Dollar Mansions (I told everyone that a million dollars would buy you not much more than a decent sized town house where we come from!! ) – there is the Hoover Dam (I got great photos of that) He explained about all the erosion and the water level dropping over the millions of years. Quite amazing to think how short life is compared to big things like that!

We landed and were given a small snack and a glass of champagne! It was surreal – I couldn’t believe I was “in” the Grand Canyon!

Time to get back on the helicopter, Paul told the second couple that they could go up front next, but they didn’t really get to see much – just more canyon, flat desert etc. then we parked up and got some petrol – then it was our turn to sit at the front. We definitely got the best part of the ride! He was all over the place – up and down looking at all sorts of things – we were really high up – it was dead exciting! Went over the lake again and Red Rock etc. Then – there was Vegas in the distance! We went downtown and then took a trip along the strip looking at all the hotels. MEGA EXCITING! He played Pink Floyd’s “Money”, which I thought was very appropriate!

Got off the helicopter, and bought the obligatory photograph! Then back to the Hotel. After a short rest, we went to Bill’s Gambling Hall for our Steak Special – YUM! I got a starter of prawns, paul got chicken strips – my steak came with a jacket potato and salad. I was really full. Paul had to finish my food for me. I was full half way through.. very nice. Then I bought a darling tennis bracelet and pair of pearl and diamond ear-rings from a jewellery stand in Bill’s with the money I got off Bob and Ruth.

Back to the hotel, small rest – then got ready and went to Jubilee!!

I got really dressed up tonight, wore Sam’s black dress and my new ear-rings. I loved the show, it was proper old school Vegas with rhinestones, feathers, dancing girls – and was probably the tackiest thing I have ever seen – it was ACE. Paul hated it, and wanted to fall asleep! A particularly tacky part was the Sinking of the Titanic, which morphed into some “GOD BLESS AMERICA” high kicking type of thing – most odd! Rushed out to go to the toilet after it was finished, by the time I got back, the photographer had gone, which was a shame, because I did not get chance to buy my obligatory photograph?!?! Back to Bellagio, back to Casino – Paul’s turn to win tonight – but he gave his ticket to me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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