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Today was particularly busy. Booked our Grand Canyon Trip with reception for 11am tomorrow morning. Then we went to the MGM Grand. “Grand” is an understatement.

I think this has to be the biggest place I have ever seen. I believe it has over 5,000 rooms! We walked and walked and walked! Stopped off at a great restaurant called “Rainforest Café”. The USP here is that it is full of animatronic animals such as elephants, gorillas, snakes and every so often there will be a thunderstorm where there will be lightning and all the animals wake up and start making a fuss! It was really funny! We got our picture taken stood next to the elephants. Had a 3 egg omelette with mushrooms, ham and peppers. It was YUMMY. It came with breakfast potato. Me and Paul did not know what that was – turned out it was miniature roast potato squares.

Then it was 11am, time for the lions to come out to play! We got a really good spot right by the front and were so lucky that it was the two younger male lions, who were very lively! They were massive! We went under a tunnel, I could not believe the size of their feet!

Crossed the bridge walkway and ended up in the Tropicana. There was supposed to be a free show here, but it is not on any more. We didn’t really want to see the shows they had on (titanic), so we did some gambling instead. Cocktail waitress here got me a pina colada (YUM) and I had my first big win on the slots!! $47. I was only playing the quarter slots – so that was a really good return I thought – I got 4 of a kind – think it might have been 4 Queens. I was delirious with excitement when the “win” total kept going up and up and up – I thought “keep going”……….. YAY ME, the BIG WINNER!!!!

Went across the road to the Venetian. This hotel has painted roofs that look like sky with fluffy white clouds, which adds to the confusion as to whether it is day or night (especially when you are still jet lagged). We saw living statues, and a display of jugglers. Again there was amazing fountains (they seem to really go for water displays in Vegas). The Venetian has a re-make of St Marks square – which was most strange. My friend Ruth would be in the real St Mark’s square at the moment, and here I am in one as well! Haha!

There are two gondola rides in the Venetian (inside and outside), we joined the queue for the inside one but were told we need to book our ride. But it was busy, there was loads in the shop wanting to book, so we decided to come back another time. While we were there, we decided to go to Madame Toussads, and that was fabulous! Everyone was there, Brad and Angelina, Sly and Arnold – even Hugh Heffner! There was a really good part called “scream”, which was quite gross. They had a Princess Diana, and of course a shop – where you could buy a variety of tat that didn’t seem to make sense – such as Halo characters and bags for your 360?!?

Nipped into Bally’s to buy our tickets for Jubilee! Luckily we had a half price voucher. 70 dollars a seat is quite expensive for Vegas! Paul spotted an internet station so he checked up on work, whilst I went to a jeweller and spent my VP winnings on a lovely charm for my bracelet. It is a green Faberge egg with encrusted diamonds no less!

Strolled on over to Bill’s Gamblin’ Saloon and took in the Big Elvis Show. I thought he was great, in a corny, tacky kind of way. Apparently, he is not as “big” as he was, in that he has lost 500lb on his diet! His backing singer was better (in my opinion). It was good fun though, he got some women up and they had to dance and the best one, as voted by the audience, won a prize – never found out what the prize was –it was most likely a CD of his greatest hits!

Back to the Bellagio, were we nipped into the Baccarat Bar. I had a Bellagio Cocktail. Mega Posh!! Paul had a Becks !!!! It was dead relaxing here, bowls of peanuts, blown glass – people showing off with champagne haha!

Back downstairs to the casino tonight. Found a new drink of Bailey’s, Coffee and Cream. This will turn out to be my regular tipple of the trip. I love “cocktails”, they just walk around asking who wants drinks, and all you have to do is tip them a couple of dollars. It seems once they know you are there, they do come back quite a lot. I got quite drunk pretty much every night!

Relatively early night tonight 1.30am (ish) BIG DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!


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