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Got to the Hotel, which has to be seen to be believed!

Saw the million dollar blown glass ceiling – wow – and just like about 10 million others I took a few photos!

Luckily the “Check in” was not busy, so we got seen pretty much straight away. Found the room, 5060, I was blown away!!! I think I might have shed a couple of tears!! The view from the room was like a picture, we were at the front of the hotel so had a good view of the strip, and even better, we could see the fountains!!!!!!!!!!!!! Result!!!!!!! . It was not yet 3pm so they weren’t on yet, but I knew to get Channel 22 on when they started so I could hear the corresponding music.

The Room itself was luxury personified. It has a great big Armoire with a TV in the middle, mini-bar with everything you could have wanted – and the bathroom was amazing – it was bigger than my kitchen and had a lovely big shower cubicle and a great big bath that you could swim in if you wanted! I was so excited! I was also glad that our room spent most of its time in the shade, so was always nice and cool. All the lights and curtains worked by switches near the bed – I would keep the curtains open until I was ready to go to sleep.

I cannot explain how great it was going to sleep whilst looking at the neon lights of THE FLAMINGO! But, back to the present. It is still day, our bodies are telling us it is 10pm, but because we have gone back 8 hours, it is only mid-afternoon!

Luckily, I wrote an itinerary. The first thing was to look at Bellagio Gardens. Dad told us these were massive, all the websites rave about them – so I had them down for the whole afternoon – they were beautiful – with lots of lovely flowers, moving displays such as trains, and a bear and a daddy bear, but we had seen it all in ½ hour!! Kept thinking “I am in the Bellagio Gardens! – Fancy that!” There is a lot of work here for a lot of people keeping this lot nice I reckon!

Caesar’s Palace is just next door, so we thought we would pop over. After about a 15 minute walk we finally entered into the main lobby. Lots of people milling around, looking up at the fresco ceilings etc. There was an amazing indoor fountain. What I remember most was a little Chinese boy who must have been about 3 or 4, ending up in this fountain and being plucked out like a flailing fish by his dad! Don’t know if he had been pushed in by his brother – there was lots of shouting from his mum and dad, yelling and screaming from him – and he was then dragged away looking like he was heading for a hiding. Classic!

This place has an hourly show based around the “Fall of Atlantis” and I really wanted to see it, but it wasn’t on – there was a sign saying “due to technical difficulties (or some such thing) there would be no show” – OH NO!!! Still, we have a week, it is bound to be fixed before we go – isn’t it?!?!?

Saw the aquarium, with lots of big fish – got some good photographs, hopefully they have worked.

Lots of amazing shops in Caesars Palace. There was also great big escalators that went round in curves! We went up and down them a few times! Haha!

We went to a little New York deli type place for something to eat. Paul got a tuna sandwich and I have never seen so much tuna between two slices of bread. It must have been 2 bowls full!! My sandwich was amazing too! We had our first experience of free fill-up drinks, but didn’t bother. Full up after the mega butties! A man came in to ask the price of something and re-coiled in horror – yet we thought everything was dirt cheap! That’s the advantage of a weak dollar I suppose?

Stayed in Bellagio casino tonight for our gambling. Got free cocktails for the first time… I made Paul get a Mojito but he didn’t like it, so was soon back on the old “southern comfort and lemonade” – still, more for me! “COCKTAILS” . Went to bed at 10pm (which to our internal clocks was about 8am!!)

Slept like babies!


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