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7th June Mytilene

Bit of a lie in this morning because we were only going to the beach. We got a small breakfast and then got on the Tender which was a cool little boat (one of four)

Mytilene also has it’s very own ‘Statue of Liberty’. A young Greek sailed on a ship to America. He was very poor. Upon his arrival in the port of New York he was smitten with the Statue of Liberty which he saw as his symbol of hope. His first rented rooms in the new city overlooked the statue and he vowed that one day, if he made enough money, he would return to his native Mytilini and build a statue for his beloved town. His dream came true and here she is today!

Mytilene Beach LesbosWent to a gorgeous little beach about a 5 minute walk away and sat under the shade of 2 trees. Unfortunately because it was a Sunday everything on the beach was closed so all we could get to drink was water. We went swimming in the sea, it was dead rocky underfoot but there was loads of fish swimming round us. Even some poisonous urchins and spiky fish EEK! I was scared then!

Had enough of sunbathing so we went for a walk along the harbour and ended up in some yuppy bar called NV. A little sparrow came in and went under our table. We then got an ice cream and went back to the boat. Paul and I went and sat in a cosy booth in the Casbar. I took the recommendation of the waiter and had a mudslide cocktail, which was to be my fave cocktail this trip. The funniest thing about here though was when a lady sat in front of us was messing round with her husband having a play fight, and the leg of her chair gave way underneath her and she ended up on the floor… I think she wanted compo though, cos they all started complaining very loudly about the legs on the chairs. 1 She was overweight. 2. They were messing around

Laura’s new friend Emily came and had tea with us. Then we went to watch a show. 2 lads called Double Impact. They were on x-factor once, and were very good. Lots of energy, good range of songs and pretty good singers. Then we went to connexions, listened to another singer, got our supper and went back to the room.

8th June – Kusadasi – Not Fun

Another lie in. The port of Kusadasi is swarming with aggressive merchants, and taxi drivers crowd the port exit desperate to take you to Ephesus. The minute we got out of port security area and started looking for a bus we got tormented to within an inch of our lives by a taxi driver, who was determined he was going to be taking us to Ephesus. But I was scared by him. He started off at a price, then dropped it quite a bit but would not confirm if it was a single or return price. I got to the stage where I would not have got in a taxi with him even if it was free, because he was that persistent. I was so scared and annoyed. I just wanted to get back on the boat, and he followed us all the way back to where the boat was, all the time calling us back, even though we were saying “leave us alone”

Decided to spend the day on the boat. We got some sunbeds in the shade and played in the kids pool and the Jacuzzi. We were going to do a quiz in connexions but got down there so late there were no seats. ½ before the quiz starts must be too late! So Room 11120 held a film night, where Monsters V Aliens was shown. I must have been very tired because I fell asleep not long after the film had started. Still, no worries – early start tomorrow after all!

Ephesus will have to wait for another time!


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