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The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places around the globe. However, since this place has become a world renowned tourist destination, the cost of living around this area is quite high. In fact, the shops on board the royal Caribbean cruise liner sell their products are more than twice the price of regular malls and department stores. To avoid unnecessary spending while you go on a cruise to the Caribbean, bring the basic things that you need for the trip. 

A Caribbean Cruise: Packing For Your Trip

It is always good to travel light. Lugging all those extra baggage is not really a good way to go. However, even if you travel light, you should see to it that you have all the things that you need for your trip. For your toiletries, ditch your big tubes and bottles. Rather, go for more minor bottles or sachets. Sachets are especially hand when you travel. You just discard them after you are done using them. Unfortunately, all those discarded packaging will not do well to the environment so if you cannot find biodegradable sachets, you might as well stick to those small tubes and bottles.

Put these small bottles and tubes on close container so prevent spillage. Having shampoo and lotion on your clothes is a terrible thing especially when you are already on board the Caribbean cruise ship. Remember that the cost of laundry services on board these Caribbean cruise ships and since you are not allowed to wash your clothes inside your room, unless you want to wear stained clothes during your trip, you have no other choice but to use their Caribbean cruise ship’s laundry service. Paying laundry services will definitely hurt your budget so make sure that you pack all liquids securely. You may also put these things in a separate bag just to make sure that you do not accidentally spill their contents on your clothes.

If you are on medication, make sure that you take along all your medicines. Remember that you will be at sea most of the time and although there are doctors on board these Caribbean cruise liners, these doctors may not be able to help you if they do not have the right medicine to give to you. To prevent accidents, put your medicines inside your carry on bag together with the name and telephone number of your doctor. Check your bags twice before you leave the house to make sure that you have not forgotten anything.


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