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When it comes to cruising, a luxury cruise tends to be pretty different to what most people are used to. Fun can still be had by everyone but their is a more formal tone behind it all. There is plenty going on all the time, but it just tends to be of a higher quality and caters for arguably more refined tastes. You may however not know what exactly you should be taking on a luxury cruise if it is not something that you have experienced previously. Below are some of the best recommendations.

Smart dress/suit.  Apart from your other smart-casual wear which you will need when walking about the boat, it is advisable to take at least one smart suit /dress. This will be needed for shows and dances that you could be attending, but you will need it also for the more formal meals where you could be eating with the captain if you are lucky.

Camera. The thing most luxury cruises do have in common with the vast amount of other cruises is that there will be a huge amount of new things to see and experience.  Whether you are going on oceania cruises or river cruises, a camera will help you keep a record of all the lovely sun-sets, the incredible wildlife and the great entertainment that you will get on board. Further to this you will need pictures to enable you to brag to your friends when you get home, which is just as important

Good book. Although there is so much going on that you will be rushed off your feet, you will really appreciate taking a book.  Nobody can be active every day and night and you will need some downtime to recharge your batteries. Finding a quiet part of the ship, putting up your feet and reading your favorite literature whilst looking out at the ocean is the best way to do this.


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