5 Conversation Topics When Cruising

Cruises, a place where the very worst parts of many people come to the fore and you too can enjoy the enforced table bragging of a bunch of inbred idiots. If you’re new to cruising you really will want to brush up on these topics of conversation before going because if you go anywhere near a dining room you will hear them:-
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Corfu – Just Like Every Other Greek Island?

16th June – Corfu

We stayed on the ship today, reckoning that Crofu looked VERY similar to all the other Greek islands we’d visited so far. Clocks went forward again so while I thought I was getting up nice and early to get us a sunny base I was actually quite late. But there was plenty of sunbeds left and I got us a sun umbrella and made us a brilliant base in front of the kids pool.
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Split – Croatia At Its Best

15th June – Split

I did not go into split because I am still feeling very rough. Had a light breakfast of yoghurt and berries and I spent the day in the Karma Spa. I had a lovely back and foot massage followed by a mini facial, then I got to spend the whole day in the therapy suite all for the grand total of £40. I had the whole suite to myself and spent the day popping in and out of the Relaxation Room/Sauna/Steam Room/Ice Grotto etc. I pretended it was my own little empire. The herbal therapy room was to die for. Unfortunately the meditation room was broken, but will be fixed very soon I was told. Had a lovely sleep. Nice way to spend a totally relaxing day.
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