Why Do Cruises Have Formal Dining?

If you’ve considered booking a cruise in the last 2 years you will have noticed that more and more cruise lines are making a BIG thing of advertising their informal dining options. I know from a personal point of view that when we talk to friends about cruising the one question they all have is “Do you have to sit at the same table with the same people every night?” It’s obviously something that most people don’t want to do, so why do cruises have formal dining?
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Cruising To Rhodes

10 June – Rhodes

Had coffee on the balcony and looked out at Rhodes. This is a very beautiful place! The temperature reached 42 degrees before it was even 9am. Ouch! Then we went for breakfast. Rhodes Town was only a very short walk away. There was a bit of a local beach in the port with some fish and people swimming in it (Even though there are signs everwhere saying not to). Lots of traffic right here on this beach, it looked dirty to be honest. We went on a magical mystery walk. Had a potter around and ended up in a café where we got the biggest coke ever which was ace until it was time to go and we were told 3 cokes is 18 euros….robbers. Lesson from this is NEVER ever buy from somewhere that doesn’t have prices, especially if they are at the most popular corner of a place and are touting for business! But aside from that it was a lovely place that we would go back to one day. Bought some strawberries and cherries for our room. Laura bough a voodoo doll and I got some generic tat ornaments – oh and a lovely pashmina. Back to the boat. Early tea and then we went to the marquee where they were playing bingo before the show. Freedom to Move tonight doing their 80s show. Excellent stuff.
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Athens And The Parthenon

9 June – Athens

Parthenon ScaffoldWe had to get up SO early because our trip was one of the first to leave. 8.30am we had to be on the coach for! Didn’t get up early enough for breakfast though. Met our guide, an old fella called Yanis. Nice comfy coach, I got 2 seats to myself. Long trip on the coach through 3 different areas of Athens. Laura sat with Paul and she was tired and grumpy so luckily she fell asleep and later woke up in much better spirits thankfully. Eventually reached the Acropolis.
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10 Tips For Flying Easyjet

We recently took our first ever flights with Easyjet and were totally surpirsed by how many people arrived unprepared for the experience. Hopefully this 10 top tips for flying Easyjet might make your experience a little better:-
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