Airline Airfare – A Closer Look

If you are a frequent traveler with instincts instilled on when to call your travel agent and when not to, then you are safe. But for all others who do not travel frequently or who do not know the best times of the year to go hunting airline airfare prices, this article may be of some help.

Summer is the best time of the year to travel around. While some believe this notion with all their heart many others call it a travel myth. If you ever want to get anywhere by air during summer vacation, you should also be prepared to pay the price for it. Sadly not many airlines provide lower rates during summer vacation. So, many traveleres end up paying large amounts of sum on the airtickets while fighting for bookings. Thus the bottom line is that, you should at all times watch out for airline airfare deals that may be absurb when it comes to pricing.

To reveal a few secrets from the airline airfare industry, the best days of the week to schedule your flying out times would be Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. This is the time of the week that airlines are known to have the weakest demand for tickets. If you want to fly out during the weekend and still remain within your budget, then forget about the idea! It is true that we have moved far away from physically walking in to an airline ticketing agent to make reservations because everything has become electronic nowadays. So you could even surpass the ticketing agents and book your own tickets straight from the airline itself. But remember that sometimes external parties can provide you better airline airfare rates as opposed to internal airline agents.

So let your fingers do the walking before you pay for airline airfare up front on the system. Researching is a golden practice because there will be enough of agents who propose competitive rates. But try not to be fooled by those who make absurd claims as well. Things like 75% off on all airline airfare ,  100% off on the second air ticket  and  50% on all air tickets are false claims. Isn’t it quite obvious that any airline that offers such promotions will soon end up brankrupted? . Therefore, be wise and make only informed decision on all airline airfare deals at all times.

Helpful Air Travel Tips With Children

When you think about all the elements that make up a flight with children it can be enough to make anyone rethink a holiday. The small space for children to move about, the lack of activity on a long flight, and the sometimes temperamental nature of children can make it difficult for any parent to manage air travel. However with the right air travel tips with children you can help to make your flights easier and fun.

Booking The Right Flight Is Very Important Air Travel Tips With Children

It can be tempting to book direct flights with stopovers if there is a difference in price compared to a nonstop flight. However this might prove to be a mistake if a delay in connecting flights occurs. A large number of parents have found booking a nonstop flight as one of the precious air travel tips with children.

Another one of the tips for air travel with infants is to book a flight on a non peak time or day. This means booking midday, late night, or middle of the week flights. This means the flight is usually less crowded so that you can stretch out if there are enough empty seats.

Scheduling is the most important part of air travel tips with children. Chasing after a connecting flight is hard enough on your own but even worse when you are carrying an infant or have a stroller in tow. So make sure that there is plenty of time between flights. You also want to make sure you get to the airport with plenty of time to spare before your first flight for the same reason.

Air Travel Tips With Children Include Clothes

Children are going to get fussy on long flights, making them as comfortable as possible is all part of air travel tips with children. Make sure that your children are dressed in comfortable clothes. You might also want to make sure that you are dressed comfortably so that you can attend to your children without feeling restricted in your clothing.

Air Travel Tips With Children: Prepping Children

Young children can be anxious about new experiences, especially one as foreign as boarding a plane. Explaining all the processes of boarding a flight is one of the air travel tips with children that will help to make your journey less stressful. Explain what happens when you get to the airport and the motions that will be going through the airplane at takeoff. Arm your kids with information to prevent any fear or anxiety in your children.

Your Cruise Ship And Your Cabin: A Guide

As important as deciding where your cruise will take you; is selecting your accommodation on board. Always popular, cruise ship vacations have a huge range of things to do. However, we all need a retreat, so ensuring you have somewhere comfortable to head to each day is key.

Depending on your style, you may actually spend a great deal of time in your room. A cruise is essentially a luxurious way to see a range of locations and ports. Many cruise ships actually play a central role in the attractions these days, with great onboard entertainment and dining. The large number of activities is seemingly only bettered by the number of cabin options available!

Whilst you may not intend to waste too much time in your cabin, it is always nice to know you have a relaxing retreat to escape to should the feeling take you… Or perhaps you just want to finish that chapter?

The first cabin type to discuss is the least expensive; Inside Cabins. Whilst not having any outside space, or even a window, these are excellent for the younger crowd who just want a “crash pad”. All fundamental needs are catered for, so these can be an excellent introduction for the first timer too.

These Standard Cabins are well appointed too; though some may not get on with having to rely only on a shower throughout their vacation.

Inside Cabins on cruise ships are also available with the addition of a window or porthole. Slightly more expensive, the view given is nothing more than the sea itself. It does of course allow you to be aware of the outdoor light.

For those wanting to have more of a sea-faring experience; Veranda or Balcony Cabins would probably be an ideal choice. These are bigger in size than Inside Cabins., and of course afford an outside space.

These are an excellent choice for couples, and it is lovely to be able to sit on the balcony and read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine together. Private sunbathing can be done on some ships, but the balconies are not all that private often!

Next in the range are the ‘Suites’. These come in a range of their own; each with suitably grand names depending on their benefits. As well as having a greater floor space and full bathroom facilities, they also give access to larger terraces. If you really want to treat yourself, many luxury cruise ships offer a Butler service with certain Suites.

Whilst deciding which cabin type to go for, you will also need to consider the location on board. This is very much a personal choice, and each location has its pros and cons regards severity of motion, views, engine noise disruption and so forth.

The cabin type you opt for on cruise ships will definitely affect how much you enjoy your vacation. However, life on an ocean wave is great fun, (when you don’t have to do any work), wherever you stow yourself.

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The Differences In Cruise Ships

When you are looking forward to taking a cruise, you often see various cruises from one line aboard the various ships they have in operation. Take Princess cruise lines for example. There are many Princess cruise ships in operation so you may be wondering the differences between the Sea Princess cruise ship and the Golden Princess cruise ship. For one, the ships often go to different destinations. However, the ships themselves will have differences. For instance, one may be bigger than the other, there may be a rock climbing wall on one while the other has none, and other differences that may make you choose one over the other. If you’re interested in a particular ship, such as the Sea Princess cruise ship, it’s recommended that you do your research before you book so that you know what you’re getting.

Contact The Cruise Line

The better choice would be to contact the cruise line directly. If you’re talking about the Sea Princess cruise ship, call Princess Cruises and ask them what’s so special about this ship. They may tell you that the Sea Princess cruise ship is the newest ship in operation at Princess cruises, that it only visits certain ports, that it has two pools, a rock climbing wall and more. The cruise line will know all the intricacies of a ship like the Sea Princess cruise ship and they will be the ones to ask if you have any questions.


However, the cruise line is unlikely to tell you of any problems regarding a ship like the Sea Princess cruise ship. For that, you’re better off going online to see what people think of it. Just do a search of Sea Princess cruise ship and you’ll likely get all the information you require. You should also visit where you can find out if the Sea Princess cruise ship has had any incidents you may want to know about such as deaths, fires, etc.

The bottom line, though, is that Princess Cruise lines is one of the best in the industry so no matter which ship you choose, you’ll definitely have a great time. But if you’re still wondering, go online or call the cruise lines to find out all about the ship you’ll be traveling on so that there are no surprises and so that you know what you’re paying for. However, if you’re one who likes to be surprised, just leave it up to fate as you’re sure to enjoy your time on the Sea Princess cruise ship or any other ship within the Princess line.

About Author: Reinhard Hueber is the Managing Director of Self Drive New Zealand – a company that has been providing incredible self drive tours in New Zealand for over 10 years.

Take A Royal Caribbean Cruise For Your Next Holiday

Where do you have in mind for Royal Caribbean Cruises to take you? Royal Caribbean cruises offers cruises to many breathtaking parts of the world. Some of the most popular destinations for North American travellers include the Bahamas and the Caribbean Sea. There are quick jaunts from Texas to Cozumel and back and some from Florida to parts of the Eastern and Western Caribbean. The places you could journey to are virtually limitless, so let your imagination run wild.

Ports the world over are open to you. The sophistication of travel on Royal Caribbean is noted by its ports in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Alaska, South America and Bermuda, the Bahamas and Greece. Others not mentioned here and one that will amaze you is Dubai to Singapore. There is a world out there that Royal Caribbean has reserved for you.

Economic travel by airplane to cruise ship is a great way to see so much of the world or the corner that you wish to see this year. It is fun and easy to watch for specials to accomplish that trip when it comes time.

Some travelers have to board a plan to put them in the right country for departing on their cruise. With the help of the certified planners at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, your vacation can be planned easily. These RC staff people will make sure that all your connections mesh. Land accomodation for time between travels can be easily arranged for you. Certified vacation planners can be a tremendous help as their ensure a well planned and organised vacation for you.

Pool time is just not to sit around the pool, but you may want to join in on the belly flop contest or the one where the guys show off their great, sexy legs. When the commotion calms down, enjoy the band and the pool or one of the hot tubs. It the weather isn’t beautifully sunny there are tons of things to enjoy indoors onboard the ship.

Traveling the open sea with this cruise line, you feel that the staff really works hard to make your trip as pleasant as possible. The courtesy of the captain all the way to the courtesy the maintenance workers makes you feel very special. At sea or in port, this staff is there to serve your needs and answer questions. The warm smiles remind you that you are on vacation.

Regardless of your itinerary, you are in a first-class situation. The way your ship is handled down to the way your bed is made makes you want to travel Royal Caribbean over and over. They even have a loyalty club named Crown & Anchor Society. Frequent travelers are remembered on their second cruise with special amenities. You will be pampered at every step of the way!

Your floating wonder hotel has a huge range of activities to ensure an incredible time. Don’t forget to inquire about the spa services. Many services are included in the cruise fare, but some such as massages and hair/nail services often require a fee. Your Royal Caribbean cruise is a terrific way to let go and be pampered. So will be enjoying yourself so much you won’t be able to wait to plan your next cruise!

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Why Taking A Cruise Vacation Could Save Your Life

Taking cruises for your vacation offers so many advantages over simply staying in one place. With a cruise you encounter an almost all inclusive vacation that offers you a comfortable cabin, delicious food all day long, entertainment, and daily activities. Your staff has your comfort in mind when they change damp towels during the day every time you leave your cabin and they turn down your bed at night.

For one fee, you will have all the above mentioned features and services in your hotel at sea. Beside the standard inside cabin, you can also consider staterooms. Staterooms with balconies and some staterooms with an outside view will cost a bit more than the standard. These upgrades are wonderful, but they do not affect much more than where you sleep. If you are using your cabin to hang your clothes and take a shower, sleep for a bit and then continue on with all the other activities, you may opt to occupy the standard room.

The ship bustles with daily activities. Tango or salsa classes, trivia games, bands, and parties at the pool and art classes name just a few of the activities offered every day. You can relax at the indoor pool which is usually near the spa or you can go crazy and belly flop at the pool. Take a snooze before dinner so you can enjoy the nightly show!

There are tours on each island that can be purchased for a separate fee. There are cooking classes, horseback riding, golf, scuba diving and then the old-time “kind of free”… Shopping. Each and every island has something new and different to offer. Before disembarking, make sure you know what time to be back to the ship. Maybe you would like some extra time on Cozumel, but you will have to pay for your own transportation to catch up with the ship!

You don’t have to leave your ship while it is in port. Stay and enjoy the splendid ship for the day while the others onboard disembark to look around. You may be either in the port of a beautful island or sitting around the maginificent pool. Indulge this day in a spa treatment or makeover.

If you are considering an early morning tour then early breakfast or even room service is ideal. Otherwise, a full breakfast is served around 7 am to 9 am. Open seating is alway available for either breakfast or lunch. The buffet hums with activity and the chefs are busy at breakfast making omelets and waffles for you to enjoy.

What a lovely affair dinner is. Served in the dining room by wonderful waiters who can’t do enough for you. First class entrees are served graciously by well trained waiters. The meal is a wonderfully luxurious and indulgent time that you will never forget. Your waiter will call you by name and remember your preferences. If you are in a hurry, the buffet meals are scrumptious and waiting for you to help yourself.

Your cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday away from the everyday world. You will go home spoiled and looking for your waiter!

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Annoying things some airlines have done this year!

Here is a list of the most annoying and idiotic airlines over the past 8 months, and some of the things they have done to annoy us:

Ryanair have proved once again how annoying they can be, by raising there prices to ridiculous amounts. Ryanair have been known to be very cheap, but they are starting to screw up. They have however just announced that Luggage is now more expensive, and the checking in of luggage costs more. Did your suit case look at you one day and say, “oh by the way i want more money”? We have weight restrictions already, so why if they weigh the same amount as normal, do we now all of a sudden have to pay extra? If my suitcase says to me that it wants to fly 1st class then that may be a reason for me to fork out some more cash. Can you believe, that they also said this would help to reduce costs overall, I will believe it when i see it.

It won’t be long before Virgin dominate the world as the worlds largest airline. We all know it’s going to happen, the time of Microsoft is over, and soon Virgin will take over the world. They do come up with great ideas, but this isn’t one of them. One example is banning people from getting on their planes in South Africa if they have swine flu. Swine flu seems to be travelling all the way around the globe already, so what good does this do. So we stop people from coming into a country, where swine flu is already present, hmmm seems a little odd to me? But i don’t want to moan about them too much, give it 30 years and they will own the world.

Easy Jet have done a pretty good job of making themselves look silly this year. Can you imagine telling one of your customers that they are too “fat”, well Easy Jet gave it a whirl. Now that seems a little extreme to me. But hey at least they offered her the chance to buy two tickets to accommodate her. I might also add that she only weighed 15 stone. To be fair, it wasn’t easy jets fault——OK it was?

Well if you’re thinking about Caribbean holidays try Maldives holidays instead and fly with someone you know you can trust, if you can find that airline. Let’s see who can screw up the Christmas holidays the most this year?


Dijon – Paris’s Burgundian Neighbor: A Culinary Adventure Close To Paris

Once you’ve gotten your Paris flights or gotten that wonderful Paris, France travel or vacation or hotel deal, you can take a deep sigh of relief.  Now’s the time to have fun, focus and explore.  You’ll soon see why France is the world’s top tourist destination.  Dijon, a short trip from Paris, is one such jewel in France’s tourism crown.


Most people are familiar with the humorous Grey Poupon mustard commercials. When it comes to Dijon mustard, Grey Poupon is probably the most recognizable brand .  However, there is much about where this mustard originates from that people are unaware of. Beyond the influences of catchy condiment advertising is a region of culture and fascinating history .

Situated between France’s border with Switzerland and Paris, the City of Lights, is the cozy little city of Dijon.  It was here that combinations of white wine and grape juice produced the uniquely flavored mustard of the same name .  Of course, visitors will want to grab an original jar of the famous mustard to take back home, but what else can be seen here?

Dijon’s Architecture

Just like many neighboring regions of France, Dijon claims some inspiring architecture as expressed in its churches. Often referred to as the “town of a hundred spires,” this charming locale is home to a lovely assortment of churches and other religious buildings. Among these structures is the La Chapelle de Elus, or Chapel of the Elected Representatives. Construction on the Chapelle began in 1738.  A tour of it presents an array of intriguing designs.  The intricately sculptured walls provide an air of inspiration as you make your way through the lightly colored halls.

Shopping in Dijon

Dijon offers excellent shopping , a wonderful place to look for gifts to give to your friends and family after returning from your trip to France . In Dijon , you can find one of the famous Galeries Lafayette department stores. Located at 41, rue Liberté, this massive retailer offers a variety of items.  The La Toison d’Or is a second option for shoppers. There are also wonderful cafes, upscale boutiques and tempting chocolate shops. Dijon only adds to the incentive to find cheap flights to France so that you can spend more of your vacation euros on shopping and gourmet treats!

Tour Philippe le Bon

The Tour Philippe le Bon, or “Good Philip’s Tower” stands at 46 meters and encircles the Dukes of Burgundy. The oldest portions of this historic structure date back to the 14th century. A trip up to the top of the tower provides visitors with a breathtaking picture taking opportunity. All around, the town of Dijon is before you.  Buildings range from the mundane to the dramatically pointed steeples and finely rounded domes of churches.  Altogether creating an interesting skyline.  The ancient palace was demolished then later rebuilt in the seventeenth century, and currently acts as Dijon’s town hall. Many of the palace’s significant rooms, such as the vast reception halls and grand kitchens, were transformed into fine art museums.

Wine With Your Dijon?

Dijon, the ancient capital of the Duchy of Burgundy lies in close proximity to the famous vineyards of Burgundy. Wine enthusiasts must visit the Cote de Nuits and the Chateau du Clos de Vougeot. The wine cellars here date back to the twelve century, and when it is warm outside, these cellars provide a lovely, cool tour after roaming outside, taking in the beautifully vibrant vineyards. It goes without saying, no tour to Dijon or Burgundy would be complete without the obligatory wine tasting as you explore the cellars.    
The Route des Grand Crus, or “Road of the Great Wines” runs through this area. Most famous of the wine produced are excellent red wines. As you can see, getting your Paris hotels selected and cheap flights to Paris, France in hand is just the beginning, Dijon and the rest of France beckon!

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